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Kumekucha: It’s a New Dawn

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Green String Network

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East Africa
Peace and Security

The project is a community-led social healing program which addresses symptoms of trauma, guides through discussions about violent extremism, forgiveness and reconciliation and deconstructs entrenched cycles of violence at the family level while making clear links to the community and societal level.


Kumekucha (It's a New Dawn) is a community-led social healing program. Green String Network’s social healing initiative was developed in 2013 to address trauma and recurring cycles of violence in Somalia, and in 2017 was adopted to address the underlying causes of violent extremism in Kenya. The Green String Network has been able to equip parents, community leaders and police officers with the tools necessary to notice and address signs of strife and radicalization at the community level in four countries on the Kenyan coast, and in Nairobi. The methodology consists of identifying connections between violence, trauma, negative health outcomes and negative social behaviors (such as violent extremism), in order to increase safety, control and resilience among communities.

In the coming year, they expect to spread and deepen the work focused on peace and various types of violence, to expand support to security actors and to publish evidence of the work’s impact. They plan to design their first program specifically developed for trauma-informed mediation to assist with peace talks/agreements between Sudan and South Sudan. To achieve these goals, they need to find more donor partners and increase their local networks. The Scale-up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum provides tailored advice and support to help the project to strengthen its research-based communication around its results and findings, to gain visibility and to develop new partnerships.


The Green String Network (GSN) is a not-for-profit organization bringing together professionals in the field of peacebuilding, trauma-informed healing practices, and research and learning. Our initiatives are driven by local partners who own the healing agenda in their home communities. Over the past years, we have seen applications of trauma-informed practices positively impact communities in some of the most fragile areas of this world. We are women-led and are mentoring young professionals.

In Mombasa, GSN works in close partnership with County Government of Mombasa. The County Government of Mombasa in partnership with a wide variety of county stakeholders officially launched Mombasa County Action Plan aimed at Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (MCAP-PCVE) in May 2017.


28 March 2019: Launch of the Trauma Informed Initiative for the National Police Service Program (TII-NPS).
1 - 5 April 2019: The Project team participates at in the International Learning Event organized by Catalyst for Peace in Sierra Leone.
May 2019: The Project team organizes a Forum in Mombasa, Kenya.
27 - 29 May 2019 : The project Kumekucha : It's a New Dawn is showcased at the event Remembrance, Trauma transmission & Experiential Learning, international and interdisciplinary symposium, organized in Turku in Finland.
18 - 19 juin 2019 : The project team participates in the Forum European Development Days in Brussels.

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