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Kumekucha: It’s a New Dawn

Selected at the 2018 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2019

Project led by : 

Green String Network

Geographical Area
East Africa
Peace and Security

This community-led social healing program addresses symptoms of trauma, guides discussions on violent extremism, forgiveness and reconciliation, and deconstructs entrenched cycles of violence at community and societal levels.


Trauma is not only a consequence of violence but instead trauma is a driver of instability. Green String Network is an African-based NGO working at the intersection of peacebuilding and applied psychology.

Kumekucha: It’s a New Dawn is a community-led social healing program, which, through a tested methodology, addresses symptoms of trauma, guides peer groups through discussions about violent extremism, forgiveness and reconciliation, and deconstructs entrenched cycles of violence at the family level while making clear links to the community and societal levels. Kumekucha has established a unique methodology which consists in developing images and stories based on context and cultural understanding, as well as in utilizing traditional practices of healing. The approach promotes stabilization, peacebuilding, governance and development efforts. The project is currently developed in different places in Kenya: in Mombasa as well as in Majengo, Nairobi.

In the coming year, project leaders expect to deepen their research on peace and violence, expand support to different actors and demonstrate their impact's work. In view of trauma, they aim to design the first programme specifically designed for mediation to facilitate talks and peace agreements between Sudan and South Sudan. To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to find partners and develop local networks. The Scale-up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum provides personalized advice and help the project to strengthen its work based on research, demonstrate its findings and conclusions, gain visibility, and develop new partnerships.


Green String Network (GSN) is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals working on peacebuilding, trauma-sensitive healing practices, research and learning. These initiatives are led by local partners who take ownership of the healing program in their home communities. In recent years, the application of trauma practices had a positive impact on communities in some of the world's most fragile regions.

In Kenya, GSN works in partnership with the County Government of Mombasa. The Government, accompanied by a wide variety of actors, officially launched the Mombasa County Action Plan to prevent and combat violent extremism in May 2017.

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