Watch out!

Human Rights Defenders around the world are increasingly exposed to security threats, repressive surveillance, and monitoring of communications. To protect them from this growing phenomenon, FIDH created the Watch Out! Project — a cyber survival kit composed of basic, yet essential, physical and digital tools with simple recommendations to protect one’s digital privacy, circumvent internet … Continued

Leveraging Visual and Statistical Argument to Combat Torture

The World Justice Project (WJP), through its Mexico branch, proposes a three-year project to end the use of torture as an investigative tool, by using a novel approach that relies on statistical and visual arguments to motivate new effective torture prevention measures. Torture remains a persistent feature of many criminal justice systems and serves as … Continued

The EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism

Every year, the European Union Human Rights Defenders mechanism –, offers life-saving support to hundreds of defenders and enables thousands to continue their human rights work with a higher level of security. In response to the aggravated risks defenders have faced worldwide in the context of Covid-19, has delivered timely emergency responses to … Continued

Missing Persons Project

The impact of disappearances on individuals, families and communities at large is one of the most damaging and long lasting humanitarian consequences of conflict, other situations of violence, migration and natural disasters. Disappearances not only represent immeasurable tragedies for the families and communities affected, but also constitute a major obstacle to peace. The problem of … Continued