15 September 2023

The Climate Overshoot Commission’s Report

How can we reduce the risks of climate overshoot?

With this report, the Commission offers an integrated strategy for reducing the probability of breaching the Paris Agreement’s goals, and limiting and managing the risks brought about by an overshoot should it take place.

The Climate Overshoot Commission was conceived out of a critical necessity to address the potential governance gaps in the global response to climate change, specifically in relation to overshoot scenarios. It held the necessary conversations about whether and how additional approaches (mitigation, adaptation, carbon dioxide removal, and solar radiation modification) could reduce the risks of a warming climate. The Commission is the first high-level group to address all
these options in a holistic, integrated manner, free from conventional political constraints. Members include former heads of government, national ministers, directors of intergovernmental organizations, leaders of environmental groups, and academic experts.

The Report :