18 October 2021

Revealing the 80 Selected Projects to be Showcased in 2021

Discover the #SolutionsforPeace at the heart of the 4th edition

The Paris Peace Forum continues to demonstrate that in a deteriorated international environment it is still possible to advance governance solutions, scale up projects and launch new initiatives. Since its creation, the Forum has supported and accompanied more than 300 projects that respond to the cross-border challenges of our time. This year, Space for Solutions, in a hybrid format, will host 80 projects tackling the issues at the heart of the 4th edition:

A universal call for projects to meet today’s greatest challenges

The responses to this fourth call for projects confirm the Forum’s role as a major player in international coordination, as nearly 60% of the projects chosen by the Selection Committee are implemented across several continents. The Selection Committee evaluated all applications and made its choice based on the quality of the projects as well as a geographical balance.

In 2021, the Paris Peace Forum will continue to put the global South at the heart of its actions by supporting nearly 30 projects targeting Africa, South America, South Asia and the Middle East.

Half of these 80 projects are led by NGOs, followed by international organizations (19 projects), the private sector (8 projects) as well as academic institutions, think tanks, governments, media and trade unions.