30 November 2023

Maneuvering Towards Space Sustainability: Takeaways From the 2023 Forum’s Peace Game

Maneuvering Towards Space Sustainability

A Peace Game on Strengthening Partnerships to Mitigate Risks in the Cosmos


Space activities are accelerating at a rapid pace, ushering in a range of opportunities for humanity while posing new global challenges in sustainability, security, and governance. Of over 6,700 operational satellites in space, 88 percent are in low Earth orbit (LEO), 84 percent of which serve commercial purposes. In the next decade, 70,000 to 100,000 more satellites are expected to be launched.

Furthermore, there are currently over 30,000 pieces of tracked space debris larger than 10 cm. A single one could destroy an entire satellite upon collision, costing millions of dollars in damages and potentially posing a threat to human life in space and on Earth.

Recognizing that deepening international, cross-sectoral partnerships will be vital to mitigating risks and harnessing opportunities in space, the Forum's Net Zero Space Initative partnered with Foreign Policy and Amazon to host a simulation during the 2023 Paris Peace Forum.

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