19 July 2022

Discover the 60 Projects Selected as part of the 2022 Paris Peace Forum

2022 Selected Projects Announced

At its annual event and throughout the year, the Paris Peace Forum showcases and accelerates governance projects or initiatives that propose specific solutions to global challenges. Each year, the Forum provides these projects with customized support by connecting project leaders with decision-makers, practitioners, and funders.

Since 2018, over 400 projects have been featured, of which ten annually receive one year of customized support via the Forum’s Scale-up program. These projects have achieved significant results and are characterized by their international and multi-stakeholder dimension and the ability to bring about lasting change within global governance.

This year, the Space for Solutions will showcase 60 projects and initiatives tackling issues at the heart of the fifth edition.All of them will enjoy a dedicated space within the event venue, and a chance to take the floor to speak about their work and/or share their views on the issue in global governance that they are addressing.


Learn more about the #SolutionsforPeace at the core of the 5th edition

Topical themes to answer the key challenges of today

In order to address the world’s emerging issues, the 2022 selected projects are particularly focused on initiatives addressing the following objectives:

  • Involving civil society in conflict resolution
  • Protecting civilians in times of war
  • Considering the social effects of the fight against climate change
  • Protecting the rights of indigenous people
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for economic development in the Global South
  • Curbing harmful content online
  • Fighting against art trafficking and protecting cultural heritage in armed conflicts
  • Making the digital economy work for women’s economic empowerment
  • Developing feminist foreign policies
  • Protecting the Earth’s orbital environment
  • Measuring the non-financial impact of companies
  • Preparing for pandemics: strengthening surveillance and rapid response within health systems

2022 project themes

A global call for solutions to effect change worldwide

The selected projects reflect the worldwide scope of the Paris Peace Forum’s call for solutions, with projects carried out all over the world to ensure geographical balance.

Particular attention was paid to including the global South in the selection process, with 24 selected projects implemented in Africa, South America, South Asia and the Middle East. Nearly half of the projects chosen by the Selection Committee are implemented across several continents.

Region of implementation

A multi-actor response to our call for solutions

The call for solutions attracted a diversity of stakeholders who proposed their Solution for Peace.

Among the 60 selected projects, half are carried out by non-profit organizations, followed by international organizations, as well as private sector companies, research institutes and universities, development banks and agencies, philanthropic organizations, think tanks, and regional or local governments.

Organization type






Discover the 60 projects to be showcased at the 2022 Paris Peace Forum

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