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People for Nature

Selected at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2021

Project led by : 

WWF Russia

Geographical Area
Eastern Europe & Central Asia

This project implemented by WWF-Russia and supported by the EU Delegation to Russia aims to enable independent local NGOs and activists to contribute to environmental protection by providing free online tools, training and grant programs for local NGOs.


The project aims to help local environmental NGOs improve their skills on issues related to nature protection by offering trainings and experts’ support on scientific, practical, administrative and legal issues. In addition, it provides a platform for networking, building synergies and sharing experience between actors and develops free online tools, trainings and grant programs for local NGOs. One year following its implementation in 2019, 17 NGOs have already been awarded 19 grants for monitoring industrial impact on forests, clean air and rivers.


Since 1994, WWF-Russia has implemented more than 1000 field projects aimed at nature conservation. Among the main areas of WWF-Russia's work are biodiversity, climate, green economy, sustainable forest management. The European Union maintains meaningful partnerships with most countries in the world to tackle global challenges. Climate Change mitigation, biodiversity, sustainable development and carbon neutrality are important goals of the EU and form its focus in collaboration with WWF-Russia.

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