Estelle Youssouffa

Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée nationale, French Republic


Estelle Youssouffa is a Member of Parliament of the French National Assembly since her election in June 2022, seats in the Foreign Affairs Commission and part of the Center-Right political group "Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires". She is the representative of the first electoral district of her native island of Mayotte, a French overseas territory located in the Eastern African Mozambique Channel. Her civic engagement as the head of the citizens movement in Mayotte and her election followed her 20 years career as a TV journalist and communication and international affairs consultant.

Among various international companies and institutions, Estelle worked for the World Bank as well as the African Development Bank as a consultant and as a journalist for France 2, TV5 Monde, Al Jazeera English and LCI. She created a conference called The Leaders' Seminar which gathered 60 Western, Arab and African leaders in Marrakech in 2014, Abidjan in 2016, Kigali in 2017. She is a member of the Africa Leadership Network, an alumna of the Young Leaders program of the French-American Foundation (2011-2012) and the German Marshall Fund's Atlantic Dialogues Young Leaders program (2013). Born in 1978, Estelle graduated with a degree in journalism studies in Tours, France, before studying international relations and political studies at Quebec University of Montreal, Canada.

Spring Meeting 2024
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Global election year 2024 and implications on “Fair Transitions” – a view from parliaments
Climate and development