Stage E

Saturday 11 November 2023


Technology that saves lives: digitizing civil society as a global emergency

Crafting peace and building a safer world

(Session co-organized with Commit Global). Our world is facing multiple crises, and it is often in the hands of civil society that we are putting our faith in to solve them. However, civil society actors are out of breath and are burning out under the pressure of the challenges they are facing. Technology can help solve this capacity crisis when used strategically: we need to act now to build the necessary digital infrastructure NGOs need to be able to help us.

Olivia Irina Vereha

Co-founder and VP of Product, Commit Global


Iliya Nickelt

Chief Data Scientist, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Roman Romanov

Human Rights and Justice Program Director, International Renaissance Foundation


Bogdan Ivanel

Founder & CEO, Commit Global


Lene Wetteland

Head of Documentation and Accountability Hub, Norwegian Helskinki Committee (NHC)


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Crafting peace and building a safer world
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Crafting peace and building a safer world