Stage D

Friday 10 November 2023


Liberty, Equality, Disparities: Keeping up the efforts to support and protect women’s rights

Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

According to UN Women, gender disparities are worsening, with less than 1 percent of women and girls living in a country with high women’s empowerment and high gender parity. At the current rate of progress, it would take another 286 years to close the global gender gaps in legal protections for women and girls (The Gender Snapshot, 2022). Sustained efforts are therefore needed to deliver on the SDGs and their objectives to increase gender equality, secure the human rights of women and girls and ensure that their fundamental freedoms are a reality. This session will explore ways to provide effective support and resources to strengthen initiatives addressing the root causes and systemic changes needed to remove the hurdles obstructing and slowing progress in the realization of all the Goals.

Éléonore Caroit

Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, French Republic


Maria Fernanda Espinosa

Executive Director, GWL Voices for Change and Inclusion and 73rd President of the United Nations General Assembly


Trisha Shetty

Founder and President, SheSays


Matthew Hart

Executive Director, Global Philanthropy Project


Gulnora Mukhamadieva

Global Lead for Gender, Aga Khan Foundation


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