Official launch of the AI Charter in Media

This session is co-organized with Reporters without Borders (RSF). AI-based technologies pose a major challenge to the integrity of information and the right to reliable, independent and pluralistic reporting. As public trust in the media continues to decline, there is an urgent need to establish universal ethical and professional standards for the use of AI … Continued

Fostering Global Cooperation on Responsible Critical Minerals

The production and processing of critical minerals essential to the energy transition are geographically concentrated in a limited number of countries, making supply chains more fragile in the event of a crisis. The context of rising geopolitical tensions and the multiplication of protectionist measures regarding critical minerals reduce our collective capacity to ensure the energy … Continued

An initiative at COP28: Coal Transitions Accelerator (CTA)

According to the IPCC, UN, and IEA, the persistence of coal in the global energy mix is the number one threat in achieving the temperature targets of the Paris Agreement. However, global coal consumption continued to rise in 2022. To manage coal phase out, we need to provide the private sector with clear guidelines on … Continued

Hydrogen “rainbow”: Improving low-carbon hydrogen potential for a just energy transition

More than 7 years after the Paris Agreement, decarbonizing the economy remains a top priority. In 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) identified 26 national hydrogen strategies adopted worldwide, confirming a growing hydrogen demand. Further to the global energy crisis, the strong interest in low-carbon and renewable hydrogen has also been increasing with regards to … Continued

Protecting Earth’s Orbital Environment: How to Get to Net Zero Space for cleaner and safer orbits

Two years after the launch of the Net  Zero Space initiative at the Paris Peace Forum, international awareness on space sustainability has greatly increased. But despite successful steps towards sustainable use of Earth’s orbital environment and several high-level announcements around the world in this regard, we are still far away from an effective, international framework … Continued