World compass recalibration : rising powers breaking through

The current global order is undergoing major transformations: looming existential threats to humankind that an outdated multilateral system is failing to solve, increasing competition between great powers, and multiplying triggers such as the war in Ukraine and its fallout. Against this backdrop of faltering global leadership, rising powers are emerging and determined to play a … Continued

Stopping the war on the rules of war

From Sudan to the Middle East and the Sahel, current conflicts indicate that civilians as well as combatants in armed conflicts are increasingly falling victim to blatant violations of their basic rights as granted by International Humanitarian Law and in particular by the Geneva Conventions. These attacks come together with a widespread feeling of impunity … Continued

Insights on Cooperation in rivalry

In a world of increasing polarization and competition, it has never been more urgent for the international community to find collaborative solutions to shared challenges and on the governance of global commons. Among these challenges, one of the most urgent and critical issues we face today is climate change. The world is witnessing an alarming … Continued

Spotlight with Dame Jacinda Ardern, Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call

Ahead of the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit taking place on the 10th November afternoon, Special Envoy Jacinda Ardern will share some insights about the Summit agenda. In a time of rapid technological change, the Christchurch Call Commitments remain as relevant as ever. Aotearoa New Zealand and France will co-host the fifth Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit … Continued

The “Always On” agenda: creating pandemic resilient health systems

The resilience of health systems when facing pandemic threats largely depends on the pivot capacities of their routine systems, characterized by the “Always On” agenda. In the context of a rising climate where infectious disease outbreaks will happen more frequently, it is crucial to build end-to-end resilient health systems, from detection, supply chain and R&D … Continued

All hands on deck: Boosting financial efforts for People and the Planet

Public and private actors gathered at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris on June 22-23, 2023, and affirmed their collective determination to address the joint climate, nature and development challenges. They pledged a series of commitments that will contribute to updating the international financing system and to improve the protection of … Continued

Feminist Foreign Policy: The solution for people, peace and planet?

Session co-organized with the Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy. In this session, meet feminists in government and civil society who are joining hands to disrupt traditional approaches and innovate toward more sustainable outcomes for people, peace and planet. Now more than a dozen countries in all 5 UN regions have embraced a feminist approach—could … Continued

Protecting Mother Earth: Climate action by and for Women

While the climate crisis is a threat for everyone, it does not affect us all equally. Mainly because they represent 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in multidimensional poverty (UNPD, 2021) and are more dependent on threatened natural resources, women are more vulnerable to climate change. Paradoxically, they are also often left out of … Continued