Working together to prevent the creation and spread of illegal content online

While recognising that the Internet as a fundamental force for good, we also acknowledge that online platforms have often been abused by those wishing to disseminate hate online. As the regulatory landscape is trying to tackle this emerging issue, it is crucial to get together and find innovative solutions to tackle the spread of illegal … Continued

Unpacking the Cyber Mercenaries’ Phenomeon – Paris Call roundtable

Cyber mercenaries contribute to the rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of offensive capacities by stockpiling and exploiting vulnerabilities to develop their products and services. The unchecked growth of this marketplace poses a direct and serious threat to the global stability of cyberspace as well as to individual and collective rights – reason why it must urgently … Continued

Supporting the private sector in fragile contexts

(Session co-organized with Expertise France and Proparco). At the Paris Peace Forum, Expertise France and Proparco, as part of the AFD Group, will organise a joint side-event focusing on supporting the private sector in fragile contexts. This event is organised in the name of all the European agencies, through the three networks: Practionners’ Network, EDFI … Continued

Preparing for Nutrition for Growth summit in France: addressing the root causes of nutrition insecurity

(Session co-organized with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Action Contre la Faim ). After it’s 3rd edition in Tokyo, the 4th edition of the “Nutrition for Growth” Summit, soon to be hosted by France, needs to address global nutritional insecurity. To combat the root causes, stronger renewed political commitment and policies prioritizing peace, access … Continued