Debate Insights

Before We Get to Governance: Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is about to impact society worldwide in countless ways. Are we ready for a discussion about global governance of AI? Can we, before we first address the public anxiety? (more…)
Digital Platforms and Extremism: Are Content Controls Effective?
It’s easy to agree on the need to fight the spread of terrorism, violent extremism, and hate through digital medium. With each horrific act of terror or tragedy, the demand for better solutions becomes louder. The Christchurch Call to Action, signed...
Solar’s Place in the Sun: Maximizing the Energy Gains
In the arena of renewable energy sources, wind and hydropower were the first success stories. Solar photovoltaics (PV) started slowly catching up, and since 2017 there has been an unmistakable momentum behind the development and deployment of solar energy production....

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