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The Paris Peace Forum is an annual platform for governance projects. Conceived as a response to rising tensions in the contemporary world, it is based on the conviction that durable peace can only be achieved through transnational cooperation in several sectors. The Forum thus aims to be the place of all cooperative solutions in the fields of peace and security, environment, development, new technologies and inclusive economy. Every year, it will convene up to 20,000 people from politics, economics, academia, media, and civil society to discuss and advance governance projects in these domains. The first edition will take place from 11 to 13 November 2018 at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris, France.

For you as a project leader, the Paris Peace Forum presents a unique opportunity to make your project known, connect with other project leaders in your sector, discuss your ideas with experts and decision-makers, liaise with potential funders, and ultimately push your initiative further towards successful implementation. Deadline for applications is 30 August 2018.

Before applying, you can read the rules of the call for applications:

Application form is also available in spanish language.

Role and composition of
the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee, set up by the Executive Committee, is responsible for screening and selecting 150 governance projects to be exhibited in the Space for Solutions of the Paris Peace Forum.

Chaired by Trisha Shetty, also vice president of the Steering Committee, the Selection Committee is composed of the president of the Paris Peace Forum association, the two vice presidents of the Executive Committee and the president of the Steering Committee.

To participate, project leaders must fulfil five conditions.
Every project proposed must :

  • Deal with a governance issue

  • Be linked with one of the five themes

  • Be managed by a team of at least three people

  • Be presented or supported by an institution

  • Present a certain level of progress.

The evaluation criteria of the Selection Committee are :

  • The motivation of the candidates;

  • The quality of the project;

  • The potential of the project;

  • The interest of presenting the project at the Paris Peace Forum.

The selection committee will also consider the need for balanced geographic representation and diversity of projects.

The Selection Committee convenes as often as required to review the submitted project proposals. The time at which a project is evaluated does not affect its chances to be selected for presentation at the November event.

Type of projects that can apply

Projects must be dealing with one of the five themes. However, given the cross-cutting dimension of many governance projects, they will also be able to address themes developed in other villages.

The five areas in which projects are able to register are:

Peace and security

which includes matters relating to peace making and peacekeeping, the protection of human rights, international humanitarian law;


which covers the fight against global warming, the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity;


which covers issues of sustainable and inclusive development, redistribution, education and health;

New technologies

which covers issues related to cyberspace, the protection of personal data, internet governance, issues related to the development of artificial intelligence and the emergence of new disruptive technologies;

Inclusive economy

which covers issues related to global economic governance, standards and norms, trade regulation, international taxation, migration.

Timeline of the project

May 2018
Opening of applications

7 June
Meeting of the Selection Committee

For applications sent before June 4th

12 July
Meeting of the Selection Committee

For applications sent before July 9th

30 August
Closing of applications

3 September Last meeting of the Selection Committee

4 September
Project selection announcement

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French President Emmanuel Macron invites movers and shakers of all countries to build a more cooperative and better organized planet at the @ParisPeaceForum on November 11-13.
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