Crafting Peace in Cyberspace

12 November 2018
11:00 am – 12:30 am

The cyberspace is a grey zone when it comes to war and peace. Taking advantage of the different interpretations of how international law applies in cyberspace, some stakeholders have ignited digital conflict. Let us join forces and search for ways to promote and sustain trust, security and stability in cyberspace by engaging a variety of actors in a ā€˜digital peace movement’.

Featured project:

  • Microsoft : Digital Peace Campaign


  • Fabrizio HOCHSCHILD, United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Coordination
  • Marina KALJURAND, Chair, Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace
  • Olaf KOLKMAN, Chief Internet Technology Officer, The Internet Society
  • Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, French Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Brad SMITH, President, Microsoft


  • Manuel LAFONT RAPNOUIL, Senior Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations