2019 Program

What to expect

Participants of the 2019 Forum can expect a full agenda of dynamic debates and project pitches from this year’s innovative selection of governance initiatives. The debate program will be headlined by three major events bringing together all participants to focus on the solutions for tomorrow.

The official
Opening Ceremony
12 November

The grand moment during which multiple heads of state take the stage on issues of global governance, including French president Emmanuel Macron.

The long-anticipated
Making it work Session
13 November

A noteworthy session that will shed light on the work of the Scale Up Committee set up by the Forum in 2018. The session will also discuss the process of providing project support throughout the year since the first edition in order to maximize impact.

A prestigious
Closing Ceremony
13 November

From a carefully selected group of 120 initiatives presented at the Forum, 10 projects will be chosen to receive support from the Scale Up Committee throughout the year. Those chosen will be announced at this conclusive moment of the annual Forum.

On the evening of 11 November, there will be a preview reception reserved for members of the Paris Peace Forum community.


The entire Forum Program is carefully constructed to reflect a philosophy of open dialogue between all actors of global governance, focusing on the solutions rather than merely the challenges at hand.

Diverse debate content encourages innovation and communication, in which all voices are heard. Most debates are followed by a Q&A session for direct interaction with the speakers, as well as various opportunities to continue the discussion via the Paris Peace Forum mobile application and across social media platforms.

Sessions are constructed in a variety of innovative formats to consistently encourage close conversations, gather advice from experts and craft sustainable peace. The philosophy of the Forum’s debate program is to ensure a rich diversity of content and multi-stakeholder speakers list representing a comprehensive balance of sectors, themes, and geographical areas.

Please note, the complete program is currently being finalized, and certain session dates and times are susceptible to change. Check back regularly for more 2019 Program details!

2019 Program

2019 Program


Session theme


tue12nov10h4511h45Projects Hearing: Bridging the gap between people and government10h45 - 11h45 Format:Hearing

tue12nov11h0012h00Rise of the South: Towards a More Balanced Global Governance System11h00 - 12h00

tue12nov11h3012h30Inauguration of the Forum on Information and Democracy11h30 - 12h30

tue12nov12h0013h00Projects Hearing: Women at the helm12h00 - 13h00 Format:Hearing

tue12nov12h0013h00Beyond Poverty: SDGs for all – including the bottom millions12h00 - 13h00 Session theme:Development

tue12nov12h1513h15Implementation of the Paris Call Principles and Values: Concrete Initiatives12h15 - 13h15 Session theme:New technologies

tue12nov13h1514h00Projects Hearing: Protecting the environment through innovation13h15 - 14h00 Format:HearingSession theme:Environment

tue12nov13h1514h00Advancing Cyberstability: Final Report of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace13h15 - 14h00 Session theme:New technologies

tue12nov14h0015h00Upholding Humanity Even in Times of War: the Geneva Conventions at 7014h00 - 15h00 Session theme:Peace and security

tue12nov14h1515h15Promoting and Protecting Civic Space14h15 - 15h15

tue12nov14h1515h15As One: Culture for Peace and a Culture of Peace14h15 - 15h15 Session theme:Culture & Education

tue12nov14h3015h15Alarmism Is Not Enough: Challenging the Status Quo on Environmental Protection14h30 - 15h15 Session theme:Environment

tue12nov15h1516h15Art of Dialogue, Dialogue of the Arts15h15 - 16h15 Session theme:Culture & Education

tue12nov15h1516h15Acting together for a world free from child labour and forced labour15h15 - 16h15 Session theme:Peace and security

tue12nov15h3016h15Ensuring compatible financing with the SDGs15h30 - 16h15

tue12nov15h3016h30Bridging the Gulf: Imagining New Mechanisms to Avert a War in the Middle East15h30 - 16h30 Session theme:Peace and security

tue12nov15h3016h30Greenback and Green bias: Getting Business to Support Biodiversity15h30 - 16h30 Session theme:Environment

tue12nov15h4516h30The Fourth Estate: Media between Citizens and Governments15h45 - 16h30

tue12nov16h3017h30Still Not Equal: How to Make the Generation Equality Forum of July 2020 a Transformational Moment16h30 - 17h30 Session theme:Inclusive Economy

tue12nov16h3017h30COP15 Kunming: Last Boarding Call for Biodiversity16h30 - 17h30 Session theme:Environment

tue12nov16h3017h30Surviving Climate Wrath: Building Resilient Infrastructure in an Age of Global Warming16h30 - 17h30

tue12nov16h4519h45Doha Debates: loss of Trust - Can we thrive without trust in governments?16h45 - 19h45

tue12nov16h4517h30Not Just Entertainment: Enabling Development Through Culture16h45 - 17h30 Session theme:Culture & Education

tue12nov16h4517h45Looted Art: Taking African Cultural Heritage Restitution Forward16h45 - 17h45 Session theme:Culture & Education

tue12nov17h4518h30The Lifeline of All Evil: Strangling Illicit Financial Flows17h45 - 18h30 Session theme:Peace and security

tue12nov17h4518h45Defeating the Deadlock: Towards a New Consensus for Multilateral Action17h45 - 18h45

tue12nov18h0018h45Host with the Most: Mutually Beneficial Refugee Integration Initiatives18h00 - 18h45 Session theme:Inclusive Economy

tue12nov18h4519h45How do we Share Useful Data? The Promised Land of Data Commons18h45 - 19h45 Session theme:New technologies

tue12nov19h0019h45Cultural Genocide: Preserving the Right to Culture19h00 - 19h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov9h009h45Kicking the habit: rethinking the war on drugs9h00 - 9h45 Session theme:Development

wed13nov9h009h45Digital Democracy Charter : For the wellbeing of democratic society9h00 - 9h45 Session theme:New technologies

wed13nov9h0010h00Brain Drain: Making Better Use of the World’s Talent9h00 - 10h00

wed13nov9h0010h00The Future is Female: Achieving Women’s Economic Empowerment9h00 - 10h00 Session theme:Inclusive Economy

wed13nov9h0010h00Making ends meet: ensuring the social sustainability of environmental efforts9h00 - 10h00

wed13nov10h0010h45Anticipation is Key: Countering the Impacts of Climate Change10h00 - 10h45 Session theme:Environment

wed13nov10h0010h45Durable Peace: Building Better Peace Processes Through Partnerships10h00 - 10h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov10h1511h00Making it work: the 2018 SCUP Projects, 1 year later10h15 - 11h00

wed13nov11h0011h45Giving War the Red Card: Achieving Peace Through Sport11h00 - 11h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov11h0011h45In Full Transparency: Access to Information to Counter Corruption11h00 - 11h45 Session theme:Inclusive Economy

wed13nov11h3012h30Rehab: Shaping a More Effective Response to Drug Trafficking Worldwide11h30 - 12h30 Session theme:Development

wed13nov11h3012h30A fusion of solutions: Towards common principles on Artificial Intelligence?11h30 - 12h30 Session theme:New technologies

wed13nov12h0012h45Global Problem, Local Solution: Community-Level Approaches to Prevent Extremism12h00 - 12h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov12h0012h45Handle With Care: Local Governance and Conflict Prevention in Fragile States12h00 - 12h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov12h0012h45Cleaner and Greener: Making our Cities More Sustainable12h00 - 12h45 Session theme:Environment

wed13nov13h0013h45Playing as a Team: Companies, Governments and NGOs Working together to Achieve the SDGs13h00 - 13h45 Session theme:Development

wed13nov13h4514h30Regulating AI by consent: involving citizens in the shaping of Artificial Intelligence rules13h45 - 14h30

wed13nov13h4514h30Fake News No More: Tackling Online Disinformation and hateful content13h45 - 14h30 Session theme:New technologies

wed13nov13h4514h45Shine Bright: A Better Future with Innovation in Education13h45 - 14h45 Session theme:Culture & Education

wed13nov14h0014h45Healing the uniform: Involving the police in Kumekucha’s unique trauma-informed peacebuilding approach14h00 - 14h45

wed13nov14h0014h45Age is But a Number: Including Youth in Decision-Making Processes14h00 - 14h45

wed13nov14h3015h30My country first! Anti-Globalism and the Questioning of Collective Action14h30 - 15h30

wed13nov14h4515h45A Space Governance Odyssey: Regulating Space Traffic Before the Crash14h45 - 15h45 Session theme:Peace and security

wed13nov15h0015h45Academyati : the journey to launching a school to the needs of children15h00 - 15h45

wed13nov15h0015h45In Youth Elite We Trust? Young Leader Programs Around the World15h00 - 15h45

wed13nov15h0015h45Geo-Engineering Climate: Shortcut to Cooling the Planet or Playing With Fire?15h00 - 15h45

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