2019 Program

What to expect

Participants of the 2019 Forum discovered a full agenda of dynamic debates and project pitches from this year’s innovative selection of governance initiatives. The debate program was headlined by three major events bringing together all participants to focus on the solutions for tomorrow.

The official
Opening Ceremony
12 November

The grand moment during which multiple heads of state take the stage on issues of global governance, including French president Emmanuel Macron.

The long-anticipated
Making it work Session
13 November

A noteworthy session that shed light on the work of the Scale Up Committee set up by the Forum in 2018. The session also discussed the process of providing project support throughout the year since the first edition in order to maximize impact.

A prestigious
Closing Ceremony
13 November

From a carefully selected group of 120 initiatives presented at the Forum, 10 projects were chosen to receive support from the Scale Up Committee throughout the year. Those chosen were announced at this conclusive moment of the annual Forum.

On the evening of 11 November, a preview reception reserved for members of the Paris Peace Forum community was held.


The entire Forum Program is carefully constructed to reflect a philosophy of open dialogue between all actors of global governance, focusing on the solutions rather than merely the challenges at hand.

Diverse debate content encourages innovation and communication, in which all voices are heard. Most debates are followed by a Q&A session for direct interaction with the speakers, as well as various opportunities to continue the discussion via the Paris Peace Forum mobile application and across social media platforms.

Sessions are constructed in a variety of innovative formats to consistently encourage close conversations, gather advice from experts and craft sustainable peace. The philosophy of the Forum’s debate program is to ensure a rich diversity of content and multi-stakeholder speakers list representing a comprehensive balance of sectors, themes, and geographical areas.

We invite you to visit the YouTube channel of the Paris Peace Forum to discover the videos of a selection of the debate sessions on the 2019 agenda.

2019 Program

2019 Program


Session theme


Event Location

tue12nov9h3010h15Opening Ceremony9h30 - 10h15 Speakers:Emmanuel MACRON, Félix TSHISEKEDI, Trisha SHETTY, Ursula VON DER LEYEN, Wang QISHAN

tue12nov10h3011h30Series of pleas - Heads of state and government10h30 - 11h30 Format:PleaSpeakers:Brigitte BIERLEIN, Felix ULLOA, Nicolas BAUQUET, Teodoro OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO

tue12nov10h3011h45Meeting of the Alliance for multilateralism10h30 - 11h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Cédric O, Christophe DELOIRE, Han SOEKJOO, Heiko MAAS, Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Jeppe KOFOD, Jimmy WALES, Julian KING, Marietje SCHAAKE, Martin TISNE, Nicolas PETROVIC, Pekka HAAVISTO, Stef Blok, Subrahmanyam JAISHANKAR

tue12nov10h3010h50Beyond Security: Russia as a stakeholder of global governance10h30 - 10h50 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Nora MULLER, Sergei LAVROV

tue12nov10h4513h45'Climate and Security' PeaceGame: Session 110h45 - 13h45 Speakers:Ravi AGRAWAL

tue12nov10h4511h15Launch of the International Gender Champions in Paris10h45 - 11h15 Format:LaunchSpeakers:Angel GURRIA, Arancha GONZALEZ, Caitlin KRAFT-BUCHMAN, Enrico LETTA, Ivita BURMISTRE, Kristja, Andri STEFANSSON, Louise MUSHIKIWABO

tue12nov11h0012h00Security and Development in the Sahel11h00 - 12h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA, Idriss DEBY ITNO, Jean-Marie GUEHENNO, Mahamadou ISSOUFOU

tue12nov11h0012h00Rise of the South: Towards a More Balanced Global Governance System11h00 - 12h00 Format:ConversationSpeakers:His Excellency Hossam ZAKI, Louise MUSHIKIWABO, Mo IBRAHIM, Mohan KUMAR, Paul BIYA

tue12nov11h3012h15Masterclasses11h30 - 12h15 Format:MasterclassSpeakers:Faustin Archange TOUADERA, Jérémy SHAPIRO, Nikol PASHINYAN, Steven ERLANGER

tue12nov11h3012h30Inauguration of the Forum on Information and Democracy11h30 - 12h30 Format:LaunchSpeakers:Can DUNDAR, Christophe DELOIRE, Claudia LUCIANI, Egils LEVITS, Hauwa IBRAHIM, Joon Hyung Kim, Linas LINKEVICIUS, Nighat DAD, Shirin EBADI

tue12nov11h4512h45High-level Dialogue: United Nations 75th Anniversary11h45 - 12h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:HEM Aleksandar VUCIC, HEM Ismaïl Omar GUELLEH, Thierry DE MONTBRIAL, Tijjani MUHAMMAD-BANDE

tue12nov12h0013h00Beyond Poverty: SDGs for all – including the bottom millions12h00 - 13h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Enrico LETTA, Hassan Ali KHAIRE, His Excellency Bandar HAJJAR, Lindsay COATES, Rémy RIOUX, Youssef CHAHED

tue12nov12h1513h15First anniversary of the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace: building a multi-stakeholder approach to cybersecurity12h15 - 13h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Cédric O, Eugene KASPERSKY, Frédérick DOUZET, Gabriela RAMOS, Jean-Baptiste LEMOYNE, John FRANK

tue12nov12h4513h30Accelerating innovation in education in the age of AI12h45 - 13h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:François TADDEI, Her Excellency Sheikha HIND BINT HAMAD AL THANI, Irina BOKOVA

tue12nov13h0014h00Dialogue of continents13h00 - 14h00 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Christian NTSAY, Panagiotis PIKRAMMENOS

tue12nov13h0014h15Masterclasses13h00 - 14h15 Format:MasterclassSpeakers:Hashim THACI, HEM Stevo PENDAROVSKI, Mark LEONARD

tue12nov13h1514h00Advancing Cyberstability: Final Report of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace13h15 - 14h00 Format:LaunchSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Latha REDDY, Marina KALJURAND, Michael CHERTOFF, Stef Blok

tue12nov14h0015h00Still Not Equal: How to Make the Generation Equality Forum of May-July 2020 a Transformational Moment14h00 - 15h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Alexandra PALT, Anita BHATIA, Annette YOUNG, Marlène SCHIAPPA, Martha DELGADO, Mildred NZAU

tue12nov14h0015h00Upholding Humanity Even in Times of War: the Geneva Conventions at 7014h00 - 15h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Carlos RUIZ MASSIEU, Christine OCKRENT, Hoai Trung LE, Peter MAURER, Sidiki KABA

tue12nov14h1515h15Launch of the OECD Observatory of Civic Space14h15 - 15h15 Format:LaunchSpeakers:Angel GURRIA, Dhananjayan SRISKANDARAJAH, János BERTOK, Katju HOLKERI, Patrick GASPARD

tue12nov14h1515h15As One: Culture for Peace and a Culture of Peace14h15 - 15h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Hasini HAPUTHANTHRI, Luca JAHIER, Mazen HAYEK, Paul ADAMSON

tue12nov14h3015h30Culture for the Future: Cohesion in Urban Environments, a Side Event organized by the European Commission - Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development14h30 - 15h30

tue12nov14h3015h30Implementation of the Paris Call Principles and Values: Concrete Initiatives14h30 - 15h30 Format:TalksSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Alex Klimburg, Henri VERDIER, Jacques KRUSE-BRANDAO, Marc HECKER, Olaf KOLKMAN, Sergio LOMBAN

tue12nov14h3015h15Alarmism Is Not Enough: Challenging the Status Quo on Environmental Protection14h30 - 15h15 Session theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Jean-Marc BOURSIER, Melati WIJSEN, Vanessa SCHERRER

tue12nov15h1516h15Art of Dialogue, Dialogue of the Arts15h15 - 16h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Anibal JOZAMI, Franck RIESTER, Her Excellency Nourabint MOHAMMED AL KAABI, Marina LOSHAK, Steven ERLANGER, Thomas S. KAPLAN

tue12nov15h1516h15Acting together for a world free from child labour and forced labour15h15 - 16h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Angel GURRIA, Anousheh KARVAR, Evelyn CHUMBOW, Gilles VERMOT-DESROCHES, Guy RYDER, Joseph IKOLI YOMBO Y'APEKE, Muriel PENICAUD

tue12nov15h3018h30'Climate and Security' PeaceGame: Session 215h30 - 18h30 Speakers:Ravi AGRAWAL

tue12nov15h3016h15Aligning Private Finance with the Sustainable Development Goals15h30 - 16h15 Format:LaunchSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Abdoulaye MAR DIEYE, Bertrand BADRE, Gabriela RAMOS, Mathias VICHERAT, Philippe LACOSTE

tue12nov15h3016h30Embarking on Mission Ocean together: Come help shape EU efforts in science, innovation and public policy15h30 - 16h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Alan DEIDUN, Antidia CITORES, Darko MANAKOVSKI, Maria Cristina PEDICCHIO, Pascal LAMY, Peter HEFFERNAN, Vincent CAMPREDON

tue12nov15h3016h30Bridging the Gulf: Imagining New Mechanisms to Avert a War in the Middle East15h30 - 16h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Abdulaziz SAGER, Kazem Saddjapour Sayed, Michel DUCLOS, Robert MALLEY

tue12nov15h4516h30The Fourth Estate: Media between Citizens and Governments15h45 - 16h30 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Abir AWAD, Denise DRESSER, Fanta DIABY, Jérémy SHAPIRO

tue12nov16h3017h30Surviving Climate Wrath: Building Resilient Infrastructure in an Age of Global Warming16h30 - 17h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Antoine DENOIX, Azali ASSOUMANI, Kamal KISHORE, Koen DOENS, Laurence TUBIANA, Onno RUHL

tue12nov16h3017h30COP15 Kunming: Last Boarding Call for Biodiversity16h30 - 17h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Brune POIRSON, Her Excellency Razan KHALIFA AL MUBARAK, Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Ning LIU, Runxiu HUANG, Yin Myo SU

tue12nov16h3017h30The Future of Trade Rules16h30 - 17h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Alan WOLFF, Arancha GONZALEZ, Bruno LE MAIRE, Pascal LAMY, Shuli HU, Tharman SHANMUGARATNAM

tue12nov16h4517h30Not Just Entertainment: Enabling Development Through Culture16h45 - 17h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Albert KOENDERS, Her Excellency Assia BENSALAH ALAOUI, Stefano MANSERVISI, Xavier SIMONIN

tue12nov16h4517h45Looted Art: Taking African Cultural Heritage Restitution Forward16h45 - 17h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Achille MBEMBE, Andreas GORGEN, Inés DE CASTRO, Lazare ELOUNDOU ASSOMO, Leopoldo AMADO, Nathalie DELAPALME

tue12nov16h4517h45Greenback and Green bias: Getting Business to Support Biodiversity & Environment16h45 - 17h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Eva ZABEY, Mairead DUNDAS, Maria Luisa SILVA, Siham BELHADJ

tue12nov17h4518h30The Lifeline of All Evil: Strangling Illicit Financial Flows17h45 - 18h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Bruno BRANDAO, Felix FERNANDEZ-SHAW, Juanita OLAYA GARCIA, Paul ADAMSON

tue12nov17h4518h30The Futures of Education & the Open Alliance for the Future of Learning (UNESCO and CRI)17h45 - 18h30 Format:LaunchSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:François TADDEI, Stefania Giannini

tue12nov17h4518h45Defeating the Deadlock: Towards a New Consensus for Multilateral Action17h45 - 18h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Amitav ACHARYA, Latha REDDY, Martin TISNE, Mary ROBINSON, Nora MULLER

tue12nov18h0019h30Teaching history, teaching peace: confronting and reconciling memories in Europe18h00 - 19h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Amelie de MONTCHALIN, Antoine ARJAKOVSKY, Blandine SMILANSKY, Gabriella BATTAINI-DRAGONI, Jean-Michel BLANQUER, Tatiana JEAN

tue12nov18h0019h00Host with the Most: Mutually Beneficial Refugee Integration Initiatives18h00 - 19h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Britta SANDBERG, Jeannot AHOUSSOU-KOUADIO, Olivier LAVINAL, Paolo ARTINI, Paul Richard GALLAGHER, Rouba MHAISSEN

tue12nov18h4519h45How do we Share Useful Data? The Promised Land of Data Commons18h45 - 19h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Frédéric LAUNAY, Henri VERDIER, Jimmy WALES, Justin VAISSE, Yolanda LANNQUIST

tue12nov18h4519h45Doha Debates: loss of Trust - Can we thrive without trust in governments?18h45 - 19h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Brett HENNIG, Ghida FAKHRY, Prince Zeid RAAD AL HUSSEIN, Toni LANE CASSERLY

tue12nov19h0019h45AU-EU Youth Hub: kickstarting new approaches with youth in the driving seat19h00 - 19h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Ademulegun OLOWOJOBA, Antonette NCUBE, Arancha GONZALEZ, Aryana URBANI, Daphne VAN DAM, Jean CONSTANTINESCO, Khadijat ABDULKADIR, Koen DOENS, Martin DETHIER, Mo IBRAHIM, Pierre BUYOYA, Tijjani MUHAMMAD-BANDE

wed13nov9h0010h00Closing the accountability gap in cyberspace, a Side Event organized by the CyberPeace Institute9h00 - 10h00

wed13nov9h0010h00Can you be a Green Gilet Jaune? Ensuring the social sustainability of environmental efforts9h00 - 10h00 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Ingrid LEVAVASSEUR, Michel COLOMBIER, Sylvie KAUFFMANN

wed13nov9h0010h00Brain Drain: Making Better Use of the World’s Talent9h00 - 10h00 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Frank LACZKO, Henry (Huiyao) WANG, Jean-Christophe DUMONT, Mabel MIAO, Martin GEIGER, Rui YANG

wed13nov9h0010h00The Future is Female: Achieving Women’s Economic Empowerment9h00 - 10h00 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Hervé EKUE, Kareen RISPAL, Marjeta JAGER, Miren BENGOA, Yenny WAHID

wed13nov9h009h45Digital Democracy Charter : For the wellbeing of democratic society9h00 - 9h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Ben SCOTT, Henri VERDIER, Karen MELCHIOR, Steve WOOD

wed13nov9h009h45Kicking the habit: rethinking the war on drugs9h00 - 9h45 Format:TalksSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Ann FORDHAM, Camila RUIZ SEGOVIA, Diego GARCIA DEVIS, Khalid TINASTI

wed13nov9h009h45Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future: 30-year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall9h00 - 9h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Andrei GRACHEV, Daniela SCHWARZER, Hubert VEDRINE, Thomas GOMART, Yoichi SUZUKI

wed13nov10h0010h45Durable Peace: Building Better Peace Processes Through Partnerships10h00 - 10h45 Format:TalksSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Hilde HARDEMAN, Jean-Marie GUEHENNO, Salman SHAIKH, Scott WEBER

wed13nov10h0010h45Anticipation is Key: Countering the Impacts of Climate Change10h00 - 10h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Anne LE MORE, Frank RIJSBERMAN, Marie-Anne KINI, Matt LURIE, Mukhtar BABAYEV, Odile RENAUD-BASSO

wed13nov10h0010h45Unmute Democracy – Use Your Right to Information10h00 - 10h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Azmat HANIF, Hasini HAPUTHANTHRI, Rosa GONZALEZ, Shaukat ALI, Toby MENDEL

wed13nov10h0013h00'Climate and Security' PeaceGame: Session 310h00 - 13h00 Speakers:Ronja SCHELER

wed13nov10h1511h00Making it work: the 2018 SCUP Projects, 1 year later10h15 - 11h00 Speakers:Alejandro PONCE RODRIGUEZ, Alexandre Stutzmann, Joseph POWELL, Pauliina MURPHY, Trisha SHETTY

wed13nov10h1511h15Borders in a ‘Borderless’ World10h15 - 11h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Benedetta BERTI, Elisabeth VON HAMMERSTEIN, Pia FUHRHOP, Thomas GREMINGER

wed13nov10h1511h15A fusion of solutions: Towards common principles on Artificial Intelligence?10h15 - 11h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Anne BOUVEROT, Gabriela RAMOS, Kersti KALJULAID, Nicolas THERY, Sasha RUBEL, Zee Kin YEONG

wed13nov11h0012h00Education for Peace and Development: Innovative Practices from Qatar, a Side Event organized by the Qatar Foundation11h00 - 12h00

wed13nov11h0011h45In Youth Elite We Trust? Young Leader Programs Around the World11h00 - 11h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Benjamin MWAPE, Evgeny GONTMAKHER, Fleur PELLERIN, Mandakini GAHLOT, Valérie DEKIMPE

wed13nov11h0011h45Giving War the Red Card: Achieving Peace Through Sport11h00 - 11h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Guy DRUT, Ion LAZARENCO, Mirjana IVKOVIC, Pascal BONIFACE, Seung Min RYU

wed13nov11h0011h45Global Problem, Local Solution: Community-Level Approaches to Prevent Extremism11h00 - 11h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Fauziya ABDI ALI, Jeppe ALBERS, Nuriia KARAKULOVA, Rym MOMTAZ, Tendai MTANA

wed13nov11h1512h00The future of trust and transparency in cybersecurity11h15 - 12h00 Format:LaunchSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Anton Shingarev, Eugene KASPERSKY

wed13nov11h3012h30Handle With Care: Local Governance and Conflict Prevention in Fragile States11h30 - 12h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Christian KRAMER, Marc FIEDRICH, Nabila RAMDANI, Najmuddin NAJM

wed13nov11h3012h30Rehab: Shaping a More Effective Response to Drug Trafficking Worldwide11h30 - 12h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Alexander SOROS, Gunilla CARLSSON, Martha DELGADO, Mohammad-Mahmoud OULD MOHAMEDOU, Ruth DREIFUSS, Svante MYRICK

wed13nov12h0012h45Cleaner and Greener: Making our Cities More Sustainable12h00 - 12h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Ananta GANJOO, Carolina Guimarães, Daniel GUIRAUD, Sigita STRUMSKYTE

wed13nov12h0012h45Regulating AI by consent: involving citizens in the shaping of Artificial Intelligence rules12h00 - 12h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Jan Kleijssen, Matt Houlilan, Nicolas MIAILHE, Salwa TOKO, Xin LI

wed13nov12h1513h00DEVCO Press launch12h15 - 13h00 Format:LaunchSpeakers:Ademulegun OLOWOJOBA, Antonette NCUBE, Aryana Francesca URBANI, Catherine RAY, Jean CONSTANTINESCO, Khadijat ABDULKADIR, Martin DETHIER

wed13nov13h0013h45Playing as a Team: Companies, Governments and NGOs Working together to Achieve the SDGs13h00 - 13h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:DevelopmentSpeakers:Arnaud PINCET, Daphne YONG-D’HERVE, Gerbrand HAVERKAMP, Kate GARVEY, Susan Wilding

wed13nov13h0013h45Reinforced partnerships against the trafficking of cultural goods and its use to finance terrorism13h00 - 13h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Corinne CHARTRELLE, David HOTTE, Maria SANCHEZ-GIL-CEPEDA, Paolo MONTORSI, Sophie DELPIERRE

wed13nov13h2015h00Engaging the European Digital Agenda13h20 - 15h00 Session theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Ales CHMELAR, Amelie de MONTCHALIN, Cédric O, Henri VERDIER, Nikolai ASTRIP

wed13nov13h3014h15In Defense of Pluralism: Including Minorities in Diverse Societies13h30 - 14h15 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Ahmad QISAI, Fabrice POTHIER, Meredith PRESTON MCGHIE, Sônia GUAJAJARA

wed13nov13h4514h45Shine Bright: A Better Future with Innovation in Education13h45 - 14h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Ahmad HASNAH, Delphine DORSI, Haifa Dia AL-ATTIA, Myo THEIN GYI, Nicolas BAUQUET

wed13nov13h4514h30Fake News No More: Tackling Online Disinformation and hateful content13h45 - 14h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:New technologiesSpeakers:Ben RHODES, Cédric O, Jane COOMBS, Martin TISNE, Olaf KOLKMAN

wed13nov14h0014h45Age is But a Number: Including Youth in Decision-Making Processes14h00 - 14h45 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Edwin Mulimi NANYENDO, Machaille AL-NAIMI, Noëlla RICHARD, Stefan PFALZER, Yasmine OUIRHANE

wed13nov14h0014h45Healing the uniform: Involving the police in Kumekucha’s unique trauma-informed peacebuilding approach14h00 - 14h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Ahmed FAMAU, Evelyn NJERI MBUGUA, Isabelle HUBERT, Jaspher NYAUMA OMBATI, Tendai MTANA

wed13nov14h3015h30My country first! Anti-Globalism and the Questioning of Collective Action14h30 - 15h30 Format:ConversationSpeakers:Igor YURGENS, Julius KREIN, Luis RUBIO, Sophie PEDDER

wed13nov14h4515h45A Space Governance Odyssey: Regulating Space Traffic Before the Crash14h45 - 15h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Peace & SecuritySpeakers:Carine CLAEYS, Jean-François BUREAU, Nicolas CHAMUSSY, Xavier PASCO

wed13nov15h0015h45Geo-Engineering Climate: Shortcut to Cooling the Planet or Playing With Fire?15h00 - 15h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:EnvironmentSpeakers:Elizabeth BURNS, Hando KANG, Kai Uwe Barani SCHMIDT, Stewart PATRICK

wed13nov15h0015h45In Full Transparency: Access to Information to Counter Corruption15h00 - 15h45 Format:ConversationSession theme:Inclusive EconomySpeakers:Julius Maada BIO, Mirna JAMMAL, Pierre HEILBRONN, Taimur JHAGRA

wed13nov15h0015h45ACADEMYATI: AN EXEMPLAR OF QATAR FOUNDATION’S THRIVING 2.0 EDUCATION15h00 - 15h45 Format:LaunchSession theme:Culture & EducationSpeakers:Aysegul SERT, Maryam Al-Hajri, Mehdi BENCHAABANE

wed13nov16h0016h45Closing Ceremony16h00 - 16h45 Speakers:Justin VAISSE, Trisha SHETTY

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