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Selected at the 2019 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2020

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Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI)

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Latin and Central America

The Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI) seeks to improve people's quality of life in Brazilian cities through its mission to reduce inequalities, strengthen democracy and fight climate change. The program encourage public managers to make commitments with urban planning tools and methodologies that adopt a systemic and integrated territorial approach, ultimately contributing to the implementation of public policies build through social participation. The Program also evaluates the mandate progress according to the commitments made at the beginning of its term. It started in 2011 and already reached 215 cities in Brazil, meaning 2/3 of the Brazilian population or 61 million people living in urban areas.


The Sustainable Cities Program (SCP) works to build awareness and mobilize Brazilian cities to adopt and implement a sustainable agenda aligned with the 2030 Agenda. The SCP takes a pioneering role in the implementation and municipalization of SDG in Brazil, through a comprehensive set of 12 thematic axes, 260 indicators and a database with more than 350 inspiring practices for public managers. It addresses public administration via an integrated perspective, including social, environmental, economic, political, and cultural dimensions. As part of the process, the mayor commits to develop a diagnosis and put forward a Goals Plan for the four years in office, assuring participation, transparency and commitment towards sectoral plans and policies. Since last 2018, it is also developing the Sustainable Cities National Knowledge Platform, which is one of the three components of the “GEF-6 Project” in Brazil. New tools and functionalities are being developed to foster the platform and its content, as integrated urban planning, citizen participation, academic and PPP partnerships.


The Sustainable Cities Institute seeks to improve the quality of life of people in Brazilian cities. Specifically, its mission is to mobilize, sensitize and commit society and local governments to the fair and sustainable development of cities, based on addressing inequalities, promoting human rights, social participation, respect for the environment and transparency. Sustainable Cities Institute is a non-economic association of indefinite duration, based in the city of São Paulo. The Sustainable Cities Institute has two programmatic lines: Our Sao Paulo Network (OSPN), Rede Nossa São Paulo, in Portuguese, and Sustainable Cities Program (SCP), with local and national reach, respectively.

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