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Leveraging Visual and Statistical Argument to Combat Torture

Selected at the 2018 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2019

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World Justice Project

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The project aims to end the use of torture as an investigative tool and to motivate new effective torture prevention measures.


Torture remains a persistent feature of many criminal justice systems and serves as a source of radicalization and instability threatening peace and security around the world. Until now, inadequate quantitative evidence of the problem has allowed States to deny systematic torture and its corrosive effects. Leveraging Visual and Statistical Arguments to Combat Torture aims to end the use of torture as an investigative tool and to motivate new effective torture prevention measures in Mexico by identifying good practices abroad as well as in countries where the use of torture is still widespread as an investigative tool.

The World Justice Project, through its Mexico branch, proposes a three-year project to end the use of torture as an investigative tool, by using a novel approach that relies on statistical and visual arguments to motivate new effective torture prevention measures.

In the coming year, project leaders plan to continue data collection and analysis in Mexico to identify anti-torture measures that can inform reform and prevention efforts. They would also like to develop visual, experiential learning, and empathy-building tools that incite changes in the prevailing policy narratives. The Scale-up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum supports the project through the facilitation of connections with relevant stakeholders in Europe and South America, as well as the provision of strategic and tailored advice to improve the project’s visibility and communication.


The World Justice Project (WJP) is registered as a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing the rule of law worldwide through research, WJP Rule of Law Index and associated data products.


February 2019: Presentation in front of the European Parliamentary delegation during its visit in Mexico.

29 April - 2 May 2019: Participation in the World Justice Forum, organized in The Hague (Netherlands).

May 2019: UN Antitorture Committee (CAT) recommended, in its concluding observations following Mexico's review, to replicate the national inmates survey implemented by the project.

Currently working on a proposal of legal reform to end the use of torture in criminal proceedings and on a documentary film contrasting criminal investigation protocols in Mexico and Europe.

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