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Justice for All: Emergency COVID Prison Relief

Selected at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2021

Project led by : 

The Perfector of Sentiments (POS) Foundation

Geographical Area
Sub-Saharan Africa
Peace & Security

This project led by the Perfector of Sentiments (POS) Foundation aims to provide access to justice for Pre-trial Detainees/Remand Prisoners in efforts to de-congest the overcrowded prison facilities and to prevent the spread of the pandemic in Ghana’s prisons.


Implemented in Ghana, the Justice for All Program (JFAP) aims to decongest prisons, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, using technology to spearhead and continue criminal justice procedures to uphold the rights of prisoners while respecting Covid-19 protocols and without interrupting activities. It also holds training sessions and advocates for a Non-Custodial Sentence Regime, in which petty offenders are required to do community service instead of incarceration as a permanent measure to prevent prison overcrowding. The program has already been replicated in Kenya, with aims to expand to other African prisons with high congestion rates.


The POS Foundation is a leading CSO in Ghana in the areas of Criminal Justice and Prison Reforms, Human Rights Advocacy, Law/Policy Reforms, Youth Development, Gender Equity/Women Economic Empowerment and Drug Policy reforms. With a track record of successful programmes, the Foundation facilitates the State led Justice for All Program for remand prisoners, serves as Convener for CSO Platform on the UN Universal Periodic Review and the secretariat for the Ghana Human Rights NGO’s Forum.


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