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Synopia proposes the establishment of a European indicator to give the possibility to the citizen-consumer to make their purchase decisions based on the suppliers and the brands that participate to a project for a more inclusive and fair society.


Around the world, tensions caused by inequalities are increasing. Either in real terms or merely perceived by the population, these inequalities have an important influence on the value-sharing issue within the enterprises. According to an Ifop poll in March 2018, 83 % of French people believe that the wealth produced within a company is spread unequally among the stakeholders. The project Entreprises et partage de la valeur proposes the establishment of a European indicator measuring the value sharing produced by a company, based on a series of objective quantitative and qualitative criteria.

The indicator aims to rethink the practices of governance and encourage the dissemination of good practices that are comprehensive in nature, and to provide clear information to citizens and consumers. It would constitute, in addition to a competitive advantage for companies that have adopted it, a real steering tool for managers and boards of directors.

The label would also make it possible to trace the company's trajectory when it comes to value sharing, since it aims to measure this factor using available and objective criteria on an annual and voluntary basis. They do not intend to become a private object: They aspire to serve the common good.

In the coming year, Synopia aims to identify a sample of enterprises in Europe interested by this Label, work with them to test it, and present them as pioneers of collective value sharing. The Scale-up Committee of Paris Peace Forum provides tailored support to strengthen the visibility of the project, as well as advice regarding the partnership strategies.


Synopia is an independent think tank that aims to contribute to improve the efficiency and ethics of governance models, practices and strategies, with a view to improving social cohesion.


8 - 9 May 2019: Presentation of the project at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's 2019 Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Sarajevo

21 June 2019: Participation in the Roundtable in Paris organized by the Global Foundation - Panel Unifying a fracturing world and advancing the dialogue between civilizations: The Paris Peace Forum, Edition #2, related initiatives

Currently liaising with the OECD to strengthen its methodology and build a coherent strategy aimed at designing the European indicator

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