Baromètre mondial du Pluralisme Culturel et Religieux

Selected at the 2020 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2021

Project led by : 

Observatoire Pharos

Geographical Area
International - France, Lebanon, Mali
Peace & Security

This project led by Observatoire Pharos aims to measure the intensity of identity tensions within a society, and its ability to absorb shocks between different sets of values to preserve the common good.


The Global Barometer of Cultural and Religious Pluralism project aims to construct an indicator that will make it possible to state the respect for plurality and social cohesion in diverse societies. The results will be published every two years in a widely distributed report. This measurement methodology can be mobilized at different levels and in different contexts, a monitoring and evaluation tool, as a basis for advocacy and action, and finally, an approach that allows for a better understanding of the phenomena of identity tensions to prevent conflicts.


Observatoire Pharos is a platform for reflection, information, and action on issues related to cultural and religious pluralism, which ensures the monitoring and dissemination of reliable and understandable information. It carries out actions in the field that aim at supporting actors of social cohesion and promoting the dynamics of pluralism, as well as a research activity focusing on the analysis and understanding of pluralism and identitarian tensions.

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