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AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub

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African Union and European Union

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The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is where African & European Youth think and act together. Launched in October 2018, the Hub is about turning some of those ideas into reality, piloting them on a small scale but with maximum impact, visibility and result-evidence.


AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is a platform that aims to test innovative solutions to challenges common to Europe and Africa through a new approach to youth inclusion. The Hub is a follow-up of the fifth AU-EU Summit in Abidjan in November 2017 under the form of a platform gathering young Africans and Europeans, to refine, pilot, monitor and report on concrete solutions from the AU-EU Youth Agenda, in six topics:
• Education
• Job Creation
• Environment
• Peace & Security
• Governance
• Culture & Sports.

With ten million euros, under the form of a Call for Proposals to civil society organizations (CSOs), the Hub will plan and oversee the implementation of one (maximum two) scalable project(s) per thematic area of the Abidjan Youth Agenda and present results at the next AU-EU Summit. Once selected, the beneficiary civil society organizations will also integrate the Hub.

In five years, the objective is to have the Hub recognized at the highest level thanks to the link with AU-EU Summits. Pilot projects would have scaled up and become very visible and concrete. More funding could be processed and benefit from the Hub's input and oversight. Consequently, the Hub would have become the place of excellence to garner African-European Youth input on the six areas. To help this initiative to scale-up, the Scale-Up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum provides strategic advice in the areas of political lobbying, advocacy and communication.


Unprecedented approach to youth inclusion in the Africa-EU partnership, the Hub is as an aggregator of energies, bringing in a myriad of stakeholders.


30 April 2019: Launch of the Call for Proposals to CSOs.

24 - 27 April 2019: Participation in the Pan-Africa Youth Forum 2019 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

18 - 19 juin 2019: Participation in the Forum European Development Days in Brussels (Belgium).

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