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The Paris Peace Forum is not a mere conference, but rather the gathering of multi-stakeholder actors to discuss and highlight global governance innovations and solutions. For the very first time this November, the Paris Peace Forum will welcome an innovative and interactive new participation format; three PeaceGames will be held, organized by Foreign Policy in cooperation with Körber-Stiftung, and supported by the United Arab Emirates.

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An an exercise to address the challenges of conflict resolution and peacebuilding with the creativity and focus traditionally devoted to war games, the PeaceGame brings together experts from foreign ministries, think tanks, international organizations, businesses, and civil society to take on the roles of key international stakeholders, as participants navigate a series of challenges compelling them to think quickly and creatively while identifying opportunities for cooperation in order to reach a peaceful resolution to a seemingly intractable conflict.

Audience members will gain insights into how climate-related impacts can be managed with peaceful cooperation.


The multi-stakeholder scenario brings together 25 experts, policy planners, and members of civil society from around the world before a live audience.

The scenario will be moderated by Foreign Policy and Körber-Stiftung, and include opportunities to get involved, such as live polling and questions submitted directly from the Paris Peace Forum audience.


One of the world’s greatest threats to peace and stability will be tackled: climate change. Set in 2030, the solutions-oriented crisis simulation will challenge participants to think quickly and creatively to address transnational governance and security issues pertaining to: 

  • Climate-related disasters 
  • Weaponization of resources
  • Environmental migration


Three PeaceGame sessions will take place over the course of the 2019 Paris Peace Forum, each featuring a different panel of experts tackling the same issue related to climate and security:

  • 12 November, 10.45am – 1.45pm
  • 12 November, 3.30pm – 6.30pm
  • 13 November, 10 am – 1pm

While participants of the 3 PeaceGame sessions have already been confirmed, each session is open to the public and all those invited to the Paris Peace Forum are welcome to attend.

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