Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees

The Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees (GCF) is the MMC’s response to the unmet needs of cities as they support migrants, refugees, and IDPs in the face of pressing challenges, from global pandemics to the climate crisis. By directly funding cities to implement inclusive programs of their own design, the GCF builds fiscal … Continued

Environmental Impunity Index Latin America

Following criteria developed in the Global Impunity Index (UDLAP), the Environmental Impunity Index Mexico 2020 measures environmental impunity, considering crimes, harm, institutional capacity, policy mechanisms, and actual degradation at a subnational level in Mexico. The next stage aims to compare levels of environmental impunity in Latin American countries and establish the methodological foundations and collaboration … Continued

Idfc climate facility

The IDFC has created a “Climate Facility (CF)” in order to help its members to strengthen their experience in climate finance and leverage knowledge and resources in the field of climate. This facility shall be innovative, operational and flexible, and shall provide resources and/or services to IDFC members in order to strengthen the integration of … Continued

Global covenant of mayors

When cities engage in the Global Covenant of Mayors, they demonstrate their leadership, setting an example for cities all over the world to become part of the global solution to climate change. Cities that join the GCoM pledge to develop a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and assessment of climate risks, and set measurable emissions targets, … Continued

Africa green bonds

Africa is at the epicenter of climate change impacts, with vulnerable communities especially at-risk. Investors seek to allay climate-driven risk; green bonds, with transparent governance and outcome tracking, are an innovative proposition for sustainable investment. We established green bond programmes in Kenya and Nigeria, aimed at catalysing the market by partnering with public and private … Continued

Dfcd landscape finance

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) is a new blended finance partnership launched in 2019, that steers capital towards projects that strengthen the climate resilience of vulnerable populations and ecosystems. The fund is structured through three operationally linked facilities. The DFCD Water and Land Use Facilities are managed by CFM and FMO and … Continued

Covenant of mayors ssa

CoM SSA is a dynamic bottom-up tool for local authorities to engage in the fight against climate change and to foster the access to low carbon energy to provide sustainable urban services to their citizens. COM SSA supports cities in developing their Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans (SEACAP), in line with national policies, … Continued

Ecosystems, companies, sustainable development: Rating in protection the Earth

Ratings are a tool that encourages businesses to take on their share of social responsibility, increase their own sustainability and preserve nature in their regions of activity, prevent climate change, and contribute to saving the planet as a whole. The ratings also help improve companies’ health by assessing their main environmental and energy efficiency indicators. … Continued

National Financing Vehicles: Increasing the flow of climate finance

The central challenge to financing the green growth transformation in developing countries is to develop bankable projects or commercially attractive investment opportunities. The initiative aims to develop and design these projects for bankability through deep financial and structuring expertise and sectoral expertise.

Climate Diplomacy: Supporting LDC’s in climate negotiations

The Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are 47 countries that are most economically and environmentally vulnerable to climate change. Together, their voice in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations is critical to ensure that their realities are reflected in the final outcomes. The Climate Diplomacy project provides the LDC group with technical … Continued