Covid-19-tracking armed groups’ responses

Discover Geneva Call’s Armed non-State Actors COVID-19 Response Monitor, an innovative tool that monitors the policies and measures armed non-State actors have adopted in response to COVID-19.In many conflict areas affected by the spread of COVID-19, armed non-State actors (ANSAs) have adopted measures to respond to the pandemic in the territories they control. By making … Continued

Impact invest

The world’s first “Humanitarian Impact Bond” was launched to explore new approaches to the financing of aid in conflict-hit countries in particular in the field of physical rehabilitation. Innovative financing models are crucial to modernize humanitarian and development financing and make better use of the growing capacity of the private sector to help achieve development … Continued

Development of a dedicated humanitarian construction contract to de-risk infratrucure project in fragile contexts

Post-emergency situations keep expanding in 2019 because of regional resources and climate instability, creating displaced population in many countries. Too often, no ‘back to normal’ solutions are available. New mechanisms to address long-term demand in local infrastructure drives the collaboration between international humanitarian and development actors. The traditional humanitarian sector is not equipped to manage … Continued

P2PR2P designed the P2PR2P tool, which is a distributed system of aid delivery which preserves the security of civil society in and out of conflict zones. P2PR2P secures communications in order to match and dispatch resources and empower populations in conflict zones. This solution addresses most of the concerns of the United Nations Grand Bargain: … Continued

Towards the Protection of Civilians from the Effects of Armed Conflict: Protection of Medical Care

The protection of medical care in armed conflict is one of the greatest humanitarian challenges nowadays. In a number of ongoing armed conflicts, medical workers are kidnapped, injured or killed, medical facilities and transports are bombed, shelled or looted, fighting occurs within or near medical centers and access to medical care is obstructed. The majority … Continued

Civilian Harm Mitigation as a Global Standard

In order to effect change on a global scale, CIVIC aims to build an international consensus around a global standard of civilian protection in conflict through the systematic adoption and implementation of civilian harm mitigation tools, policies, and practices.