2018 Hackathon

The Paris Peace Forum hackathon

Experts, engineers, programmers and designers interested in global governance and financial transparency issues willing to bring a concrete expertise, to challenge their ideas with international experts and to present their prototype in front of a panel of leaders and potential partners or funders met at the Paris Peace Forum hackathon.

Participants had the objective to respond to challenges launched by partner organizations by developing prototypes and unpresented digital solutions. They interacted with technical, creative, action minded people by working in a team composed of 2 to 6 participants guided by international experts acting as mentors.

The Paris Peace Forum hackathon is the opportunity to mobilize collective intelligence in the fields of computer, economics or social sciences around global governance and financial data transparency issues.

The hackathon was held within the framework of the Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November 2018 at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris.

Selection process

The application form for on-site participation is now closed.

Each candidate for the Paris Peace Forum hackathon was evaluated regarding the below criteria:

  • The motivation of the candidate;
  • The area of expertise of the candidate;
  • The experience in hackathons of the candidate.

Please note that a balanced geographic representation and diversity of profiles was considered in the evaluation of the candidates.

Challengers and mentors

Participants worked on financial data transparency and were guided by facilitators and mentors with the objective to respond to challenges launched by partner organizations around 4 themes.

Transparency of international organizations budgets

How can Open Multilaterals data be used to increase the financial transparency of multilateral organizations?

Logo hackathon - Open state
Sicco_van_Sas headshot

van Sas


Open State Foundation

Kate_Ashton headshot

Kate Ashton

Art Director

Beyond Words Studio


Thorvaldsdottir_Svanhildur headshot

Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir

Post-Doctoral Researcher

LMU Munich

of major international
event budgets

How can we use Open Contracting Data Standard in the context of major international events?

open contracting partnership
Carey_Kluttz headshot

Carey Kluttz

Head of Country Programs

Open Contracting Partnership

Zack_Brisson headshot

Zack Brisson

Principal / Co-Founder



Fabrice Lacroix

Chief Finance Officer

Paris 2024 (COJO)

Michael Brenner headshot

Michael Brenner

Head of design


of public procurement procedures

How can the essential data of public procurement allow economic operators easier access to public market?

eta lab logo
Romain-Tales speaking

Romain Talès

Chief Open data Officer


Colin Maudry

Colin Maudry

Open Data consultant


Marion Paclot

Marion Paclot

Data Scientist


Communication of financial data
to the public

Can we provide a richer, more detailed and up-to-date understanding of climate finance commitments and spending by countries and donors around the world?

the world bank logo
Francesco Ciriaci

Francesco Ciriaci

Business Process Officer

The World Bank

Anna_Alberts headshot

Anna Alberts

Project Lead

Open Knowledge Foundation Germany

Oscar_Montiel headshot

Oscar Montiel

International community coordinator

Open Knowledge Foundation International

samuel_freiberger headshot

Samuel Fraiberger

Data Scientist

The World Bank

Jamie Gilman headshot

Jamie Gilman

Senior Designer

Beyond Words Studio

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