Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Presenting a project
at the Paris Peace Forum

Projects qualifying for a presentation
at the Paris Peace Forum

Procedure for
submitting applications

How are the
projects selected?

What are the commitments
of the selected projects leaders?

Possibility to request financial support
from the Paris Peace Forum

Should selected project leaders be unable to cover, directly or through external funding, the expenses related to their participation in the Forum, they may approach the Paris Peace Forum association to explore financial support possibilities. Any request for financial support shall give rise to a specific and motivated request, processed in accordance with the procedure set by the Paris Peace Forum association.

The Paris Peace Forum will carefully consider each request and may request any additional documents or clarification.

The Paris Peace Forum cannot guarantee to be in a position to satisfy all requests for financial support. In some cases, partial financial support may be offered.

Finally, the Paris Peace Forum will give priority to requests related to projects operating under limited financial resources, and/or to requests from project leaders who will have to mobilize a significant amount of resources to come to Paris.

Visa applications related to the participation in the Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum may, upon request, and following receipt of all necessary personal information, issue a letter of invitation to support the visa application submitted by a project leader selected to participate in the Forum.  No letter of invitation request will be processed before the end of the selection process. Only selected project leaders who have confirmed their participation will be eligible to request the issuance of such invitation letter.

Selected project leaders shall inform the Paris Peace Forum association of their willingness to receive an invitation letter and undertake all the necessary steps related to their visa application by liaising with the competent authorities as soon as their participation in the Forum is confirmed. Their name, first name, date of arrival in France and date of departure, as well as the passport number shall be provided to the Paris Peace Forum association in order to draft the invitation letter.

For any information regarding visas, please visit the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also use the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ personalized visa search tool: the Individualized Assistance Platform.

The Paris Peace Forum association shall not be liable for any refusal of visa application that may be notified to a selected project leader by the competent authority.

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