november, 2019

tue12nov16h4517h30Not Just Entertainment: Enabling Development Through Culture16h45 - 17h30 Format:ConversationSession theme:Culture & Education

Speakers for this event

  • Albert KOENDERS

    Albert KOENDERS

    Banque mondiale

    Banque mondiale

  • Her Excellency Assia BENSALAH ALAOUI

    Her Excellency Assia BENSALAH ALAOUI

  • Stefano MANSERVISI

    Stefano MANSERVISI

    Center for Global Development

    Center for Global Development

  • Xavier SIMONIN

    Xavier SIMONIN

    Association Globe

    Association Globe


It is undeniable that culture has a major role to play in the sustainable development of countries and communities. First because engaging in cultural activities encourages the development of human skills and openness to the world. But more concretely because cultural activities can become a driver of economic growth, while furthering the preservation, diffusion and renewal of cultural heritage. What can we learn from existing initiatives around the world? Join us to find out!

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