november, 2019

wed13nov11h0011h45In Youth Elite We Trust? Young Leader Programs Around the World11h00 - 11h45 Format:Conversation

Speakers for this event

  • Benjamin MWAPE

    Benjamin MWAPE



    The European Dialogue

    The European Dialogue

  • Fleur PELLERIN

    Fleur PELLERIN

    Korelya Capital

    Korelya Capital

  • Mandakini GAHLOT

    Mandakini GAHLOT

  • Valérie DEKIMPE

    Valérie DEKIMPE

    France 24

    France 24


Countless organizations around the globe bring together thousands of ‘young potentials’ in their leadership networks. Their main objectives are to create bonds across nations and sectors, and to equip these young leaders with the skills required to make positive change in their respective communities (and their career). But young leader networks are also criticized for being elitist, exclusive, and for suffering from the Matthew effect. Join this session to discuss how such programs should be designed, how selection processes can be fair and transparent, and how these networks can benefit people beyond their membership.

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