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Discover the 10 Scale-up projects to be supported in 2023

The Forum is not only about these large deliverables, but it also takes a bottom-up approach to accelerate concrete initiatives. The Paris Peace Forum continues to demonstrate that in a deteriorated international environment it is still possible to advance governance solutions, scale up projects and launch new initiatives. Since its creation, the Forum has supported and accompanied more than 400 projects that respond to the cross-border challenges of our time.

Within the dedicated Space for Solutions, these projects exchanged with public and private stakeholders and presented their concrete answers to international challenges.

At the end of the Forum, ten projects were chosen by a jury to benefit from a dedicated and customized support for a full year.


"The Paris Peace Forum will not end today. It will carry on through the work that we will invest behind the scenes over the course of the next year to support the ten selected projects."

Trisha Shetty President of the Steering Committee of the Paris Peace Forum

The Scale-up Program

The Scale-up Program (SCUP) was launched in 2018 to provide year-long customized (non-financial) support towards the development of 10 of the projects showcased at the Paris Peace Forum. The SCUP is an accelerator that mobilizes resources from within the PPF Secretariat and the world-class PPF community to help strengthen and grow these solutions and amplify their impact.

The 2022-23 Scale-up projects

Joint Environment Venture for South Asia

Led by Conciliation Resources

This project is a platform for environmental collaboration across the India-Pakistan border, creating a space for scientists & communities to collaborate and innovate to address shared climate challenges.

African Farmers as Climate Entrepreneurs

Led by Climate Action Platform for Africa

The project aims to prove that African smallholder farmers can generate significant revenue from climate-smart approaches and in the process, be active and valued contributors in the fight against climate change.

Global Index on Responsible AI

Led by Research ICT Africa

The Global Index on Responsible AI measures progress toward the responsible use of AI in over 120 countries around the world.

EmpatIA: AI to solve public issues in LATAM

Led by ILDA

The project explores the use of machine learning for government transparency, climate action and environment in Latin America focusing on openness, inclusion and evidence based policies.

Measuring impact to finance the future

Led by Vested Impact

Vested Impact leverages millions of data points to automatically assess & quantify the non-financial impact of companies; directing financing to companies that make a profit & a difference.

Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy

Led by International led by Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

The Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy is an informal, global and multi-stakeholder network and dedicated space for the advancement of feminist foreign policies worldwide.

Humanitarian Assistance Digital Infrastructure


Commit Global has built a unique digital ecosystem to assist Ukrainian refugees’ needs of official information, verified housing and resources, healthcare and educational services.

Jouhouzia CER Hub Lebanon

Led by Biladi

The project aims to safeguard heritage in emergencies. It connects soldiers & heritage experts by putting in practice heritage rescue operations. Beirut Blast was its first mission.

PREZODE - Preventing Zoonotic Disease Emergence

Led by CIRAD

Operationalizing One Health: PREZODE and its partners such as Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) foster synergies and break-down sectoral silos from local to global to prevent the risk of the zoonotic disease emergence.


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