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Discover the 10 Scale-up projects to be supported in 2022

The Forum is not only about these large deliverables, but it also takes a bottom-up approach to accelerate concrete initiatives. The Paris Peace Forum continues to demonstrate that in a deteriorated international environment it is still possible to advance governance solutions, scale up projects and launch new initiatives. Since its creation, the Forum has supported and accompanied more than 300 projects that respond to the cross-border challenges of our time.

Within the dedicated Space for Solutions, these projects exchanged with public and private stakeholders and presented their concrete answers to international challenges.

At the end of the Forum, ten projects were chosen by a jury to benefit from a dedicated and customized support for a full year.


"The Paris Peace Forum will not end today. It will carry on through the work that we will invest behind the scenes over the course of the next year to support the ten selected projects."

Trisha Shetty President of the Steering Committee of the Paris Peace Forum

Scale-up projects

Coral Reefs of the High Seas Coalition

This project led by Conservation International is a global alliance of partners that aims to generate the science, political support, and strategic communication that is necessary to protect coral reefs in the high seas.

Environmental Impunity Index Latin America

This project led by the Center on Impunity and Justice measures environmental impunity, considering crimes, harm, institutional capacity, policy mechanisms, and actual degradation at a subnational level in Mexico.

Workforce Disclosure Initiative

This project led by ShareAction improves the quality of jobs in multinational companies’ operations and supply chains by enhancing corporate transparency and accountability. It supports SDG8: decent work for all.

Transforming Aid Delivery with Big Data

This project led by a partnership between the Ministry of Digital Economy of Togo, GiveDirectly, Innovations for Poverty Action and the Center for Effective Global Action is a digital payment program, leveraging artificial intelligence and mobile technologies to provide social aids to the most vulnerable, in Togo.

Supporting Arab Women at the Table (SAWT)

This project led by Arab Reform Initiative aims at increasing women’s meaningful inclusion in peace processes in the MENA region by improving their ability to influence outcomes and establish post-conflict gender-egalitarian frameworks.

Civic Space Guardian

This project led by Directorio Legislativo consists of creating a web tool to alert and provide information on proposed laws or policies likely to impact civic space in Latin America.

Sentinel: A Pandemic Preemption System

This project led by the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases is a pandemic and outbreak early warning and response system that detects viral threats in real-time and stop them before they spread.

OECD.AI Policy Observatory

This project led by the OECD is an inclusive hub for public policy on AI, helping countries and policymakers encourage, nurture, and monitor the development and use of trustworthy AI.


This project led by the DEGREES Initiative aims to build the capacity of developing countries to evaluate Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geoenginering by giving support to scientists in the Global South while they study its potential effects.

Global Cities Fund for Inclusive Response

This project led by the Mayors Migration Council aims to respond to the unmet needs of cities as they support migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people during Covid-19.

The Paris Peace Forum is designed to gather actors for discussions and exchanges and to support those that have a concrete impact on the transnational issues at the heart of the event.

Each year, the Paris Peace Forum selects ten projects among those showcased at the Forum to receive customized support from the Scale-up Committee, which includes mentoring by high-level personalities, peer learning, and consulting that aims to support their development and amplify their impact. These projects are selected for their strong development potential and concrete impact on global governance issues.

Projects receive customized support from the Scale-up Committee, for example, to develop their advocacy and communication activities or to strengthen their organizational and operational skills.

The Scale-up Committee, which consists of 20 experts renowned in their field of activity, provides advice and recommendations to support the projects in their activities.


Members of the 2021 Scale-up Committee

Paul ADAMSON Founder | Encompass, Chairman | Forum Europe

Gwang-Chol CHANG Chief of Education Policy Section | UNESCO

Sana DE COURCELLES Counsellor on Health Matters | Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations in Geneva

Félix FERNÁNDEZ-SHAW Deputy Director General, Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA) | European Commission

Stefania GIANNINI Assistant Director-General for Education | UNESCO

Jean-Marie GUÉHENNO Administrator | Carnegie Corporation, Senior Fellow | Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Member of the Board | Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Board on Mediation

Hilde HARDEMAN Head of the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) | European Commission

Marion JANSEN Director of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate | OECD

Alexis LAFFITTAN Partnerships Development and Management | UNDP

Olivier LAVINAL Program Manager | World Bank Group (WBG)

Kathrin LORENZ Director of the Division Governance & Conflict | GIZ

Jonathan MAHER Deputy Director Institutional Affairs | Groupe L’Oréal

Stefano MANSERVISI Advisor to the President | Paris Peace Forum

Julie MCCARTHY Co-Director of the Economic Justice Program | Open Society Foundations

Pauliina MURPHY Engagement Director | World Benchmarking Alliance

Geneviève PONS Director General and Vice President of Europe | Institut Jacques Delors

Joe POWELL Deputy Chief Executive Officer | Open Government Partnership

Alexandre STUTZMANN Senior Advisor and Team Leader for social, humanitarian and cultural issues | Office of the President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

Matt REED UK CEO and Global Director of Institutional Partnerships | Aga Khan Foundation

Daphné YONG D’HERVÉ Knowledge and Solutions Director | International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


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