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South-South Cooperation in Cyber Capacity Building and Good Practices

Friday 11 november 2022 10:00 - 11:00
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As information and communication technologies have become a key driver for economic and social development, the security and resilience of ICTs has become a major issue worldwide. Yet, an excessive asymmetry between Nations raises systemic risks for the stability of the open, free and secure cyberspace. Efficient frameworks and programs have been developed across the Global South with respect to the specificities of developing markets to increase cyber resilience and cooperation. This expert roundtable will bring together actors with hands-on experience to explore ways for strengthening South-South Cooperation in cyber capacity-building and sharing of good practices.

Room 4
Ensuring a safer and ethical digital world

Including the participation of (6)

Chris Painter

President, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

Ana Beatriz Duarte

Research Lead, Interagency Institute

Eric Singer

Chief Information Security Officer EMEA, Schneider Electric

Theoneste Ngiruwonsanga

Project Manager in charge of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Smart Africa

Brett Van Niekerk

Senior Lecturer, Durban University of Technology

Rachel Adams

Director: AI and Global Programmes, Research ICT Africa

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