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Leveraging the potential of genomic sequencing

Friday 11 november 2022 16:15 - 17:15

Genomic sequencing is a ground-breaking technology that can bring countless benefits to public health, agriculture, the environment, and more. The use of pathogen genomics proved decisive during the Covid pandemic, enabling early viral identification, design of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics, and tracking of variants of concern. Efforts to make this versatile technology accessible globally must be sustained to prepare for future threats. Existing scientific centers of excellence in both Global South and Global North are paving the way to using this technology for specific needs such as disease surveillance. However, international cooperation to enable a wide, sustainable distribution and broader implementation of this technology has yet to emerge. Governance questions related to strengthening genomic capacity and implementation are just beginning to be considered by states, regional & global institutions, including on data sharing, economic opportunities, and bioethics. Building on successful examples, this session will bring together scientists, private sector, government, and multilateral actors to explore conditions for the responsible development and sustainability of genomics.

Room 2
Managing the fallout of the multicrisis on populations

Including the participation of (5)

John Frank

Chief Public Affairs Officer, Illumina

Chikwe Ihekweazu

Assistant Director-General for Health Emergency Intelligence, World Health Organization

Alan Gilbert Christoffels

Senior Advisor, Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative, Africa CDC

Cédric Mahe

President, Foundation for Influenza Epidemiolgy, Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network

Magda Robalo

Former Minister of Health, Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Managing the fallout of the multicrisis on populations
Cultural Corridors of Peace 
The Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development (part of York Archaeological Trust) 
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Managing the fallout of the multicrisis on populations
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