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In charge: Empowering women in public decision-making processes

Friday 12 november 2021 11:00 - 11:45
There is evidence that female-led countries coped better with Covid-19, suggesting an opportunity for a renewed push towards increased female leadership in public office. Still, in too many places worldwide, women's voices go unheeded when it comes to political and public decisions. But change is possible, as committed stakeholders will demonstrate in this panel. Speakers from government and civil society will spotlight solutions contributing to the empowerment of women in public decision-making through efforts to include them in peace processes, build their legal or governance capacity, and support their bids for office and participation in elections.
Stage E
Achieving equality between men and women

Speakers (5)

Ronja Scheler
Programme Director and International Affairs


Brigitte Elisabeth Markham
Executive Director

Ntengwe For Community Development

Fatmé Masri
Project Director

Arab Reform Initiative

Mildred Nzau
Inclusion Specialist

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Maia Sandu

Republic of Moldavia

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