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Geneva, do you copy? How to better protect civilians in 21st century conflicts

Friday 11 november 2022 14:15 - 15:00
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Civilians still represent the vast majority of victims in conflicts despite existing normative frameworks that are not always implemented on the ground. Moreover, new risks inherent to our modern societies accentuate the fragility of the most vulnerable populations, highlighting the crying need for a better collective response and reinforced coordination. This session will question the existing gap between regulatory frameworks and reality on the ground. It will then explore how multilateral and non-state actors are mobilizing, cooperating and proposing often innovative solutions to protect civilians and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in crisis prevention and response. 

Room 4
Cooperating through conflicts

Including the participation of (6)

Hila-Nawa Alam

Director of Humanitarian Relief, Uplift Afghanistan Fund

Bogdan Ivănel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Commit Global

Malake El Turk

Programmes Director, Peace, Stability, Security Department, Expertise France, AFD Group

Philippe Stoll

Senior Techplomacy Delegate, International Committee of the Red Cross

Zurab Elzarov

Chief of Learning, Leadership and Management Development Section, United Nations Secretariat

Matt Reed

Chief Executive Officer and Global Director of Institutional Partnerships, Aga Khan Foundation (United Kingdom)

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