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Closing Ceremony - Climate after COP26: Where do we go from here?

Saturday 13 november 2021 16:30 - 17:30
The much-awaited COP26 in Glasgow is scheduled to end on 12 November, and this panel to be held the next day will be an opportunity to assess its results with views from decision-makers and experts from around the world. Beyond immediate results, the focus will be put on how COP26 changes the landscape and what should be done in the coming years to achieve climate objectives. Note: during the first part of this closing ceremony, the 10 laureate projects of 2021, to be supported by the Scale-up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum, the will be announced.
Stage A

Speakers (7)

Justin Vaïsse
Director General

Paris Peace Forum

Trisha Shetty


Werner Hoyer

European Investment Bank (EIB)

Ban-Ki Moon
President and Chair

Global Green Growth Institute

John Kerry
United States special presidential envoy for climate
Huang Runqiu
Minister of Ecology and Environment


pascal lamy
Pascal Lamy

Paris Peace Forum