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The 2023 Selected Projects

At its annual event and throughout the year, the Paris Peace Forum showcases and accelerates governance projects or initiatives that propose specific solutions to global challenges. Each year, the Forum provides these projects with customized support by connecting project leaders with decision-makers, practitioners, and funders.

Since 2018, over 460 projects have been featured, of which ten annually receive one year of customized support via the Forum’s Scale-up program. These projects have achieved significant results and are characterized by their international and multi-stakeholder dimension and the ability to bring about lasting change within global governance.

This year, the Space for Solutions will showcase 50 new projects and initiatives tackling issues at the heart of the sixth edition. All of them will enjoy a dedicated space within the event venue, and a chance to take the floor to speak about their work and/or share their views on the issue in global governance that they are addressing. Discover them below.

Discover the full list of projects selected in 2023:

• A just transition in Arctic mining, led by Arctic Economic Council

• Agriculture Collectives of Marginalized Women, led by International Water Management Institute

• Allies for the Amazon, led by Peruvian Society for Environmental Law

• An Inclusive Approach to the Space Economy, led by Caelus foundation

• Biodiversity Conservation in Our Neighborhood, led by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

• Chapultepec Forest Environmental Transcendence, led by Fideicomiso Pro Bosque de Chapultepec

• Connecting the Global South with AST-GS1, led by Astralintu Space Technologies

• ContАct2U (Спілкуйся та дій) , led by  NGO «Power of Future» in cooperation with GIZ Civil Peace Services

• Cosmopolitan Ethics for the Human Future, led by Global Observatory for Genome Editing

• DALIL, led by Siren Analytics

• Digimente, led by Moviliatorio

• Disinformation and digital marketing, led by InternetLab

• Empate for America-Solution for Down Syndrome, led by Fundacion Empate

• Escrime et Justice réparatrice, led by Association Pour le Sourire d’un Enfant

• Evaluating investment mining opportunies in Africa, led by Association of Women in Mining in Africa

• Fishing for Empowerment in Sierra Leone, led by Media Matters for Women

• Ghaba: Transforming Deserts into Forests, led by Dake Rechsand

• Goidhoo-Atoll Earth Obsevation Pilot Maldives, led by Maldives Space Research Organisation

• Indigenous Knowledge for Social Resilience, led by KEMITRAAN – Partnership for Governance Reform

• Jeunesse Sahélienne pour l’Action Climatique, led by African Union-European Union Youth Cooperation Hub

• Journalisme pour les droits humains, led by Aide Humanitaire et Journalisme (AHJ)

• Knockout: do not give up, led by Red Viral

• Leveraging Data for Human-Centered Policies, led by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

• « Madini » Minerais pour la paix, led by International Alert

• Maputo Accord: Cultivating a Culture of Peace, led by Peace Process Secretariat Mozambique

• Mining, Human Rights & Dialogue in the DRC, led by DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

• Mwatana, led by Mwatana Organization for Human Rights

• Negotiating Digital Peace, led by European Commission- Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD)

• Peacemakers Project, led by Peace and Sport

• Premium carbon credits for solar empowerment, led by Namene

• Prevent post-harvest loss & empower farmers, led by Khetipati Organics

• Projet phare « Lutte contre la désinformation », led by Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

• Promoting accountability for ISIL core crimes, led by UNITAD

Promoting Ethical Approach to Gene Editing, led by UNESCO

• Renforcer l’intégrité en RDC, led by Accountability Lab RDC

• Reparative justice for victims of Ukraine, led by Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC)

• Reserva Mato da Onça: fôrets pour l’avenir, led by Canoa de Tolda – Sociedade Socioambiental do Baixo São Francisco

• SAWA/ SDAID, led by Sawa for development and aid

• SecureID+: Enhancing Digital Identity with AI, led by Lawyers Hub

• Sports School: empowerment of vulnerable girls, led by Niñas Sin Miedo (Fearless Girls)


• The Climate Fund for Nature, led by Mirova

• Tizeti community-wifi, powered by Eutelsat, led by Tizeti

• UNIDIR Artificial Intelligence Policy Portal, led by UNIDIR

• Using Circus to overcome inequality, led by Circus Zambia

• Using open data to combat corruption, led by Open Data Charter

• VALUE CHAIN UPGRADES, led by Université Mohammed 6 Polytechnique

• WHO HGE Framework: a new model of governance, led by World Health Organization (WHO)

• Work4Progress, Innovation for promoting jobs, led by la Caixa Foundation