Call for Projects

Our 2019 Call for Projects
is now closed

Selected projects to participate in the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum
were announced on 18 June 2019.

It is no longer possible to submit your project this year.

What is the objective of our Call for Projects?

As a platform, we push forward innovative solutions to tackle today's transnational challenges.

Before the Forum, we launch a Call for Projects that aims to identify concrete initiatives, led by organizations from all over the world, in six major themes:

  • Peace & Security
  • Development
  • Environment
  • New technologies
  • Inclusive economy
  • Culture & Education

At the Forum, we offer the opportunity to 120 projects leaders to participate in the Forum to showcase their innovative solutions:

  • They can test their project in front of diverse audiences in the Space for Solutions (through a pitch presentation, in an interactive debate, and by engaging with other participants at their own stand).
  • They can present their project in the Space for Debates (with world leaders, key policymakers, elected officials, and experts in global governance).
  • They can increase the visibility of their project (thanks to the presence of thousands of participants and extensive media coverage of the event).
  • They can connect with potential partners (including Heads of State and Government, leaders of international organizations, business executives, director of NGOs, philanthropists, experts, and journalists).

After the Forum, we support the scaling up of 10 of the most relevant and promising governance projects, along three dimensions:

  • Policy and advocacy
  • Communication
  • Venture support
new technologies
inclusive economy
theme picto culture and education

Who can submit a project?

Our Call for Projects was open to all key actors of global governance:

  • States
  • International organizations
  • NGOs
  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Development agencies
  • Religious groups
  • Trade unions
  • Think tanks
  • Universities

What are the eligibility conditions and the selection criteria?

To be eligible, your project must meet the following cumulative conditions:

  • Propose an innovative solution to address a transnational challenge, either:
    • Normative projects: instruments of law, standards, and good practices
    • Capacity-building projects: new institutions, mechanisms, and innovations.
  • Offer a cooperative approach
  • Be presented by an organization and not by an individual person
  • Be managed by a team of a minimum of two persons
  • Be related to one of our six major themes
  • Be at an advanced conception stage or in an early implementation phase.

The relevance and overall quality of your project will be examined considering the following criteria:

  • The political relevance of the challenge tackled
  • The innovative character of the solution or tool submitted
  • The diversity and number of the stakeholders involved
  • The stage of development
  • The feasibility
  • The scope of the impact
  • The potential for development, expansions, or replication
  • The capacity to serve the common interest

How to submit a project?

The 2019 Call for Projects is now closed.

Discover the projects to be showcased at the Forum in 2019: selected among 716 applications within the framework of the Call for Projects.

10 projects selected for support in 2019: chosen among the 120 projects showcased at the Forum in 2018.

2019 Selection Committee

Project submissions are currently being reviewed by our Selection Committee which is composed of renowned experts from key institutions of global governance.

Soundouss BOUHIA

Project Officer

Royal Court of Morocco


Executive Director

Mo Ibrahim Foundation



MIT Enterprise Forum


Researcher at the Center for Security Studies

Institut français des relations internationales


Program Director

World Bank


Executive Director of International Affairs

Körber Foundation


Director of the IIGG Program

Council on Foreign Relations


Youth Team Leader

United Nations Development Programme


Vice President for International Affairs

Sciences Po


Director general

Paris Peace Forum


See what steps are next before the announcement of the selected projects.

5 March 2019

Initial meeting of the Selection Committee

13 March 2019

Launch of the Call for Projects 2019

18 April 2019

First Selection Committee

(applications received between 13 March and 13 April will be reviewed)

17 May 2019

Second Selection Committee

(applications received between 13 April and 12 May will be reviewed)

24 May 2019

Deadline for the Call for Projects at 6pm (Paris time) or at 5pm (GMT)

7 June 2019

Third Selection Committee

(applications received between 12 May and 24 May will be reviewed)

18 June 2019

Announcement of the projects selected to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2019

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