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Letter: World leaders urged to boost vaccine availability

The world is at a perilous and urgent moment in the Covid-19 pandemic. The Delta variant has spread rapidly to more than 130 countries, demonstrating that we are fighting a virus that doesn’t respect borders and advances rapidly across continents.

From Ana Botín, Pascal Lamy and others

1 September

Interview with Pascal Lamy, President, Paris Peace Forum

The UN Brief interviewed Pascal Lamy, President of the Paris Peace Forum, former WTO Director General, and EU Trade Commissioner, to speak about Germany and Spain joining the organization as members, and the polylateral nature of the Forum, which now is opening membership to nations from the Global South.

12 July

The UN Brief

G20 urged to do more to support global vaccine distribution

Pascal Lamy, former director of the WTO and chair of a joint conference organised by the nonprofit Paris Peace Forum and the One Campaign, which aims to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, said: “The 870m does really look meagre.” He added that he hoped the G20 finance ministers meeting in Venice and the national leaders due to meet in Rome later this year would be more ambitious.

5 July

Questions politiques

"Au Forum de Paris sur la Paix nous travaillons sur les principes du monde post-Covid."

Contribution by Justin Vaïsse

20 June

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Five priorities for universal COVID-19 vaccination

Doses of Covid-19 vaccines must be shared globally. G7 countries secured contracts for 1.3 billion more doses of the vaccine than they will need to vaccinate their entire populations.

Contribution by Adrien Abécassis

17 June

The Vaccination Gap Is Jeopardizing Climate Action

Failure to heal divisions over vaccine availability for developing countries could poison the well of global cooperation and imperil the COP26 climate negotiations. Advanced economies should therefore offer the Global South a “solidarity package” encompassing vaccine distribution, debt relief, and climate goals.

Contribution by Justin Vaïsse

24 March 2021

project syndicate
Multilateral Cooperation for Global Recovery

At the Paris Peace Forum on November 12 last year, French President Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders launched a global discussion on forging a new consensus for the post-COVID-19 world. This discussion is continuing through an ongoing debate published by Project Syndicate and its member newspapers worldwide.

Contribution by Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Macky Sall, Antonio Guterres, Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen

3 February 2021

project syndicate
DAVOS 2021: French president Emmanuel Macron says modern capitalism 'can no longer work'

[Macron] highlighted efforts to build “what we immodestly called the Paris consensus” at the Paris Peace Forum for global leaders last year. “The idea was basically that we needed to move beyond the Washington consensus,” he added.

26 January 2021

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Mending Multilateralism: on Getting Worse and Getting Better

Multilateralism took many a hit in 2020, and many global institutions and alliances were really put to the test. As the weak points of the multilateral order were exposed, governments and the international community were also provided with several areas for concrete improvement and new courses for collective action. Marc Reverdin, Secretary General of the Paris Peace Forum, reflects on the state of multilateralism, the points of caution and how we can rebuild.

14 January 2021

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Etats-Unis : la démocratie attaquée - Justin Vaïsse dans C L’hebdo

« Il y a quand même de l’espoir dans le drame qui s’est joué mercredi, parce qu’après tout c’est aussi la journée où d’une part Trump s’est déconsidéré, il est devenu toxique pour une partie du parti républicain. Et puis c’est la journée où les démocrates ont pris le contrôle , pas du Congrès mais d’une des deux chambres : le Sénat et ça c’est très important pour nous parce que ça veut dire que Joe Biden aura une majorité au Sénat et à la chambre pour gouverner et en particulier en matière de politique internationale. »

- Justin Vaïsse

9 January 2021

Researchers regenerate underwater biodiversity destroyed by human activity

"We need to seriously increase the marine areas we protect. Some of these zones are in the European Union, but we need to go beyond that. Our goal is to protect 30% of our total aquatic surface by 2030. We also need to systematically equip our fishing boats with geolocation tools to be able to track them and stop over-fishing. We must develop clean engines for all kinds of of motorised vehicles on the seas and oceans, especially for coastal areas where ferries and costal ships tend to be. "

- Pascal Lamy

8 December 2020

Induction of India-Japan-Germany-Brazil in UNSC is imperative for future of multilateralism

“On the one side, we have a system based on sovereignty and on the other there is an increasing divergence on what sovereignty means, which is hindering the system to make progress.”
- Pascal Lamy

4 September 2020

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L'Europe, condamnée à avancer dans la crise ?

"La vocation du Forum de Paris sur la Paix est d'élargir le multilatéralisme à d'autres acteurs que les Etats et de l'ouvrir à la société civile, les fondations philanthropiques, les ONG, les banques de développement."
- Justin Vaïsse

20 July

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A qui confier le gouvernement du monde ?

"La Chine & les Etats-Unis ont perdu en prestige du fait de leurs réactions à la pandémie de Covid-19. Leur puissance en revanche n'a été que peu affaiblie."
- Justin Vaïsse

2 July

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China, EU Urged to Finalize Investment Treaty to Offset Covid-19 Damage

23 June

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"Les souverainistes et les populistes ne peuvent à eux seuls fournir les biens publics mondiaux" - Tribune de Justin Vaïsse

"Il y a 193 pays mais un seul climat, un seul cyberespace et une seule santé mondiale : hors de l’action collective, point de salut."
- Justin Vaïsse

27 May

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Second Paris Peace Forum wraps up in France

"Paris Peace Forum offers a platform for projects and initiatives devoted to creating peace in the future", the forum's Director-General Justin Vaïsse said during the final conference. He expressed confidence that the event "was recognized as an international summit, a top-level conference and a decision-making platform."

13 November 2019

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