ATLAS – Agricultural Transitions Lab for African Solutions

  Transforming African agri-food systems is crucial to address many challenges linked to food security, climate change adaptability, economic growth, and growing demographics. The Agricultural Transitions Lab for African Solutions (ATLAS) is a permanent platform for policy dialogue and collaboration between the Global North and South. ATLAS seeks to align global priorities and increase investments … Continued

African farmers as climate entrepreneurs

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  This project aims to prove viable business models for African smallholder farmers to adopt a range of climate-smart interventions, whose carbon impact is tracked, validated and translated into revenue that can either go to the farmers or towards subsidizing the costs of new technologies or of driving adoption of new … Continued

Global Full-stack aquaculture platform

Aquaconnect enables data-driven solutions using Artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing to improve aquaculture productivity and value chain transparency. The project aims to drive sustainability at the farm level: they work with 60,000+ fish and shrimp farmers across coastal states of India. Their programs bring better access to farmers to adopt sustainable farming through a … Continued

Opportunities for Youth in Africa

Opportunities for Youth in Africa is a joint UNIDO and FAO program that proposes an integrated approach for the creation of quality employment and self-employment opportunities for young African professionals in agriculture and agribusiness. Taking into account the economic impact of Covid-19, youth-sensitive analysis serves to identify agricultural and agribusiness opportunities, including innovative markets that … Continued

Economic Justice on Women’s Land Rights

The project targets women-led grassroots organizations, local authorities, government agencies, and men in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to achieve equality in land ownership and control between men and women. Women constitute between 42-88% of the agricultural labor force yet remain excluded from owning and controlling the land they work. Ntengwe and its four partner … Continued

Earth Observation for resilient agriculture

The project increases the sustainability of agricultural supply chains operating between Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, and the UK by delivering new forms of evidence derived from satellite imagery. Crop monitoring and forecasting products at farm, regional and national scale support agri-businesses and advisory services to adapt farming practices. SENCE natural capital evaluation uses satellite data to … Continued

Sikkim on the organic trail

The Indian State of Sikkim considers organic farming as a means of sustainable development; one that is inclusive and can drive economic growth, employment and poverty eradication whilst maintaining the healthy functioning of the Earth’s ecosystem. Sikkim’s journey that began in the year 2003 reached a landmark milestone in 2016 when it was declared India’s … Continued

Ai4water: smart irrigation

The project represents the innovative use of AI combined with satellite imaging in one of the most fundamental sectors of Egypt: Agriculture. Build a unified National Agriculture Data platform that uses AI to analyze gathered crop data to better forecast, plan the water usage in the country and improve economic returns, and provides an engagement … Continued

Resilient farming systems

Led by Mercy Corps and funded by Agence Française de Développement, using an inclusive systems approach, PERMA is working to rehabilitate economic activities in the agriculture sector in Iraq’s Ninewa Governorate, once the agricultural heart of Iraq that was devastated by the conflict with ISIS. The programme links agriculture producers and MSMEs with access to … Continued


Started in 2016, H2Grow offers adapted and affordable hydroponic solutions to communities in development and emergency contexts, so that they can grow food anywhere and increase their dietary diversity while generating sustainable livelihood opportunities.