Project presentation DigiMENTE is an initiative focused on improving media education in Spanish-speaking Latin America with more than 6,000 teachers trained and over 200,000 students impacted, strengthening key skills in critical analysis of information, creativity, collaboration, and ethical reflection. These initiatives seek to expand media literacy awareness and tools in the region through a contextualized … Continued

Disinformation and digital marketing

Project presentation InternetLab’s approach to tackling disinformation in the digital age involves working with digital marketers through constructive dialogue. Their aim is to engage a wide range of people and help them gain a deeper understanding of what misinformation is. By promoting cooperation and innovation, they hope to achieve their long-term goals of promoting a … Continued

Projet phare « Lutte contre la désinformation »

Project presentation The “fight against disinformation” flagship project aims to strengthen the resilience of French-speaking states and societies to face information disorders which represent a major challenge for the well-being of populations, social cohesion and democratic processes. It is structured around four areas of intervention: 1. Capacity-building for French-speaking fact-checkers 2. The fight against disinformation … Continued

Negotiating Digital Peace

Project presentation Social media is used to spread disinformation, incite violence and undermine peace across the globe. Despite growing attention to this issue in Europe and the United States, little attention is paid to the power of social media where it can do the most damage: countries in conflict. The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue’s Social … Continued


2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation DALIL is an e-platform that promotes the use of community-driven fact-checked content among the public. Leveraging AI, it streamlines the fact-checking process, saving critical time in the fight against disinformation. DALIL scrapes online content, rapidly identifies and clusters trending topics, gathers a variety of open-source verification tools, and facilitates … Continued

Using open data to combat corruption

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation Corruption has a devastating impact on the lives of people around the world. Open data is especially useful in fighting corruption: it allows us to analyze a government’s tax collection, public spending, and investment, as well as track the assets of public officials and government contractors, and public subsidies … Continued