StopNCII is a free tool that supports victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse. Often referred to in the media as Revenge Porn, NCII is a catastrophic form of abuse that destroys lives (both sharing or the threat to share). Launched in 2015 by SWGfL, the UK Revenge Porn Helpline has supported over 13,000 NCII … Continued

Coalition Against Stalkerware

The Coalition Against Stalkerware was created to facilitate communication between those organizations working to combat domestic violence and the IT security community. The founding organizations have committed to fighting domestic violence, stalking, and harassment by addressing the use of stalkerware and raising public awareness about this issue. The Coalition intends to: – Define best practices … Continued

AU-GFCE Collaboration project

The AU-GFCE collaboration project aims to support the AU member countries in identifying and addressing their national cyber capacity needs to ultimately strengthen their national cyber resilience. The project will use the global multi-stakeholder GFCE community to leverage expertise to form knowledge modules, part of a program for African policymakers and key stakeholders. Based on … Continued

Global Action on Cybercrime Extended

The Global Action on Cybercrime Extended (GLACY+) is a joint project of the European Union and the Council of Europe that aims to strengthen the capacities of states worldwide to apply legislation on cybercrime and electronic evidence. It promotes consistent cybercrime legislation, policies, and strategies and strengthens the capacity of criminal justice authorities to apply … Continued

Cyber Harassment Helpline

The Cyber Harassment Helpline provides assistance and support to victims of online harassment through its toll-free number, serving as a confidential, safe and gender-sensitive service to women, gender minorities, human rights defenders, journalists, and ethnic/religious groups. The Helpline provides three core services to its callers: (1) digital security support; (2) legal assistance; (3) psychological counselling. … Continued

Cyber Incident Tracer (CIT)

The Cyber Incident Tracer (CIT) #HEALTH is a platform about cyberattacks, which disrupt the delivery of healthcare, compromise sensitive healthcare-related data, and impact patients, healthcare professionals, facilities, and organizations. The platform provides evidence-based understanding of cyberattacks on healthcare to bring greater visibility regarding the impact on people and the provision of healthcare. The inability to … Continued

Cybersecurity for African Financial Inclusion

The Africa Cybersecurity Resource Centre (ACRC) is the first regional and sectorial organization dedicated to improving cybersecurity and cyber-resilience for the financial sector, contributing to the protection of data and financial assets of over 2,500 micro finance institutions, banks, insurances, digital financial service providers, central banks, and their customers. The initiative aims to secure the … Continued

Cyber 4 healthcare

Cyber 4 healthcare is a match-making service between organizations in healthcare and cybersecurity companies. The initiative allows NGOs, hospital, clinics, pharmacies, and any organization in the frontline of COVID19 who do not have the possibility at the moment to fend off cybersecurity threats, to get tailored, free cybersecurity from reputable companies from all over the … Continued

Cyber Policy Portal

The Cyber Policy Portal, launched in January 2019, is an interactive online tool for policymakers and experts that maps the cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related policy landscape. It provides a rigorous, accessible, and up-to-date overview of the cybersecurity capacity of all 193 UN Member States, as well as selected regional and international organizations and multilateral frameworks. Individual … Continued

Cybersecurity for the Defense of Democracy

Protecting democratic processes and institutions is critical to ensuring the resilience of our democratic societies. To this end, Microsoft aims to put cybersecurity to work for the defense of democracy. Through this project, Microsoft seeks to highlight the work being done by the multistakeholder community to realize the promise of the 2018 Paris Call for … Continued