Harnessing AI to combat disinformation in the MENA region

Project Leader Interview 3 Questions with Theodore Caponis, Project leader of Dalil   In the ever-evolving landscape of digital information, Dalil, one of the projects selected at the 2023 Forum to be part of the Scale-up program, has emerged as a pivotal force in combating disinformation across the MENA region. In this interview with Theodore … Continued

EmpatIA: AI to solve public issues in LATAM

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  EmpatIA explores the use of machine learning to tackle the most pressing development issues in the public sector in Latin America and engages in participatory and open projects to develop evidence that promotes a fair, open and sustainable region. The second edition of EmpatIA will focus on piloting and documenting … Continued

AI Governance: A Collective View from the South

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world faster than the world can mitigate intensifying geopolitical divisions and socio-economic disparities. As technological change outpaces regulatory policy, no common framework has yet emerged to coordinate the numerous governance approaches across multiple national contexts. The concerns and interests of the citizens and civil society of the Global South … Continued

CAST: The Conflict Alert System

Project presentation The ACLED Conflict Alert System (CAST) is a tool for forecasting political violence globally. It uses machine learning to predict political violence events in every country in the world at the national and subnational level up to six months into the future. This tool is unique in its comprehensive use of ACLED data; … Continued

Leveraging Data for Human-Centered Policies

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation The demands on policymakers are increasing worldwide – facing climate change, societal transformation and economic uncertainties, evidence-informed decision-making is more important than ever. However, inadequate data quality and limited data capacities pose critical challenges, resulting in policy designs that fail to tackle existing inequalities. To address this, the Data … Continued

SecureID+: Enhancing Digital Identity with AI

Project presentation SecureID+ leverages AI to enhance digital identity systems, prioritizing privacy and inclusivity. It addresses identity verification challenges for diverse populations globally, ensuring secure digital interactions. By detecting identity fraud, promoting inclusivity, and establishing ethical AI practices, SecureID+ fosters cross-sector collaboration and interoperable digital identity systems. Capacity building and awareness initiatives drive responsible AI … Continued

Artificial Intelligence Policy Portal

Project presentation Launched in May 2023, the UNIDIR AI Policy Portal is an interactive platform addressing AI’s complex policy landscape and its global security implications. As an extensive resource, it offers timely data on AI strategies, frameworks, policies, and related initiatives. Its wide-ranging features provide a comprehensive understanding of AI policy for 193 UN Member … Continued

Machine Learning for Peace

Recent advances in technology have endowed governments with new repressive tools and even the ability to anticipate citizen action and engage in preemptive response. The Machine Learning for Peace Project (MLP) aims to level the playing field by equipping policymakers and civil society actors working to defend democracy with new tools to navigate increasingly sophisticated … Continued

Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law

AI is helping justice systems worldwide by reducing backlogs and improving judicial efficiency, access to justice, and the quality of judicial ​decision-making. As the technology becomes more sophisticated and available, AI in the judiciary will continue to grow. However, AI is not a panacea and carries risks. For the Global South to benefit from AI … Continued

Global Index on Responsible AI

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  The Global Index on Responsible AI (“GIRAI” or “Global Index”) is a multi-year project that aims to advance and expand the global movement and agenda on responsible AI. It aims to measure the evolution of commitment and progress on the implementation of responsible AI principles and practice globally in more … Continued