Cyber Mercenaries Decoded

Perspectives on Countering Proliferation of Cyber Intrusion Capabilities Since 2021, the notion of “cyber-mercenary” has gained a great deal of attention in the international public sphere, echoed in numerous press headlines but also within industry circles and civil society. In June this year, however, the dissemination of the concept shifted gears as the United Nations … Continued

Harnessing AI to combat disinformation in the MENA region

Project Leader Interview 3 Questions with Theodore Caponis, Project leader of Dalil   In the ever-evolving landscape of digital information, Dalil, one of the projects selected at the 2023 Forum to be part of the Scale-up program, has emerged as a pivotal force in combating disinformation across the MENA region. In this interview with Theodore … Continued

EmpatIA: AI to solve public issues in LATAM

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  EmpatIA explores the use of machine learning to tackle the most pressing development issues in the public sector in Latin America and engages in participatory and open projects to develop evidence that promotes a fair, open and sustainable region. The second edition of EmpatIA will focus on piloting and documenting … Continued

AI Governance: A Collective View from the South

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world faster than the world can mitigate intensifying geopolitical divisions and socio-economic disparities. As technological change outpaces regulatory policy, no common framework has yet emerged to coordinate the numerous governance approaches across multiple national contexts. The concerns and interests of the citizens and civil society of the Global South … Continued

Paris Call: Taming the Cyber Mercenary Market

Taming the Cyber Mercenary Market A Multistakeholder Blueprint Towards Increased Transparency and Cyber Stability   In an era where States are increasingly leveraging cyber capabilities for strategic and national security objectives, the recourse to external suppliers has become commonplace. As a result, a rapidly growing market for offensive cyber tools and services has developed to … Continued

CAST: The Conflict Alert System

Project presentation The ACLED Conflict Alert System (CAST) is a tool for forecasting political violence globally. It uses machine learning to predict political violence events in every country in the world at the national and subnational level up to six months into the future. This tool is unique in its comprehensive use of ACLED data; … Continued

Children Online Protection Lab

The place of digital technology in our lives is far greater than it was when the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. While digital technology opens up unique opportunities for children, it can also expose them to new threats, such as cyberbullying or exposure to illegal or hateful content online.   CONTEXT … Continued

Initiate: Digital Rights in Society

Initiate: Digital Rights in Society is a North-South multi-stakeholder initiative incubated by the Paris Peace Forum that aims to define common standards for the use of automated technologies in all jurisdictions, to pave the way for a Digital Bill of Rights.   CONTEXT & APPROACH Algorithmic decision-making holds the potential to greatly benefit society, accomplishing … Continued

Paris Call: Protecting Critical Infrastructures Against Systemic Harms

Protecting Critical Infrastructures Against Systemic Harms A path forward to overcome national discrepancies?   Over the past decade, increasingly robust and comprehensive regulatory frameworks, strategies and policy initiatives to protect critical infrastructures from cyber threats have been adopted at national and regional levels across the Globe. Yet, recent years presented numerous examples of cyberattacks on … Continued