Cultural Corridors of Peace

Cultural Corridors of Peace uses the memory of Bedouin nomadic routes to forge cultural pathways to peace and post-conflict collaboration across the MENA region. They hope that it will inspire others to build and revive relations through culture. The project provides Bedouin people with culturally-appropriate means to sustain their heritage and use it to improve … Continued

Traditional knowledge and global impact

Indigenous peoples possess valuable traditional knowledge that needs to be protected. To date, Peru has only registered knowledge corresponding to less than 1% of the communities. At SPDA we seek to reduce this gap and strengthen the promotion of authorized use of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity both at a global and national level. A … Continued

Mexico-Indigenous Rights Observatory

Our project called “Mexico-Indigenous Rights Observatory” develops actions focused on contributing to the protection and fulfillment of the rights of 11 indigenous peoples of Mexico, the most historically disadvantaged social group in our country. Through this Observatory, we strive to have a long-term impact on the 68 indigenous peoples of Mexico, contributing to the exercise … Continued

Open Data for Indigenous and Ethnic Minority

This project is crucial for indigenous and ethnic minority (IEM) communities to have better access to the data and information for exercising their rights to self-determination and self-governance. Storytelling with data enables communities to protect their collective interests and to engage in decision-making processes while raising public awareness. This project aims to expand the initiative … Continued

Préserver et transmettre le patrimoine menacé

How do we effectively preserve the traces and evidence of our past when it is being destroyed? As the Past is the repository of humankind’s diversity of experiences, it is also the source of inspiration and solutions for a peaceful future. So, when confronted to its destruction, how do we preserve the information it conceals? … Continued


2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  Jouhouzia is a program aiming at ensuring heritage protection. The program engages with stakeholders in the public and private sectors aiming at setting the ground for an operational multidisciplinary team to act in times of emergencies. The Lebanese partners in the project are: the army, fire brigade, red cross, ministries … Continued

Kiwe Thegnas: Guardians of the territory

The Kiwe Thegnas, represent the movement of Indigenous men, women and children who, traditionally and historically, constitute a mechanism of care and protection of the organizational process of the Indigenous movement, under the tenets of Indigenous autonomy and self-government. We, Nasa, count on 500 years of experience in protecting our ancestral territory from outside threats. … Continued

Action Plan for Protecting Ukrainian Heritage

ALIPH was created to respond quickly to crises and support concrete projects. This reactivity was demonstrated from the first day of the war in Ukraine when ALIPH contacted Ukrainian and Polish heritage professionals, national authorities, and international organizations to evaluate needs and prepare emergency measures to protect Ukrainian heritage. On 7 March, the ALIPH Foundation … Continued

Faire Revivre l’Esprit de Mossoul

The ‘Revive the Spirit of Mosul’ initiative has the overarching objective of contributing to achieving inclusive social, economic, and environmental sustainability, as well as building peace, through an integrated approach to the recovery of the city in its human dimensions. Mosul was a symbol of diversity and tolerance before the outbreak of the conflict. This … Continued

Festival A Sahel Ouvert

To implement educational, public health, social cohesion or environmental protection programs with local populations, GLOBE leans on the arts and artists. All these actions are highlighted during the ‘Festival à Sahel Ouvert’, a major event that brings together villagers, up-and-coming artists and celebrities, NGOs and partners, in order to prove that culture can support sustainable … Continued