Youth Climate Conclave (YCC)

In a quest of working toward youth, the Delegation of the European Union to India with GIZ, CEEW and TERI launched the Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) in 2019. YCC was envisaged as a competitive and educative mode of action, wherein youth from across the country were invited to join hands to address climate change issues. … Continued

Youth Democratic Education in Sudan

The overall objective of the EU-funded project “Strengthening Young Citizens in Sudan through Democratic Education” is to increase youth participation in the democratic process and to contribute to the establishment of a credible and legitimate democracy in Sudan. It aims to help students understand democratic processes and the importance of their participation in the elections … Continued

Women for climate justice

The Barranquilla+20 Foundation with the support of the Gates Foundation, develops the initiative called WOMEN FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE that considers the social effects of gender equity in the fight against climate change, empowering and training 15 women leaders from Colombia strategic socio-environmental contexts. The initiative has a positive impact in promoting the participation, recognition and … Continued

Young Voices from Amazon to the Planet

The Young Voices from Amazon to the Earth (JVAP) is a volunteer, independent and collaborative initiative launched by the Young Leaders in Protected and Conserved Areas in Latin America and Caribbean Network (ReLLAC-Jovenes) and supported by organizations such as IUCN-WCPA, RARE, and WWF. The initiative aims to articulate and strengthen youth-led actions in the Amazon … Continued

Opportunities for Youth in Africa

Opportunities for Youth in Africa is a joint UNIDO and FAO program that proposes an integrated approach for the creation of quality employment and self-employment opportunities for young African professionals in agriculture and agribusiness. Taking into account the economic impact of Covid-19, youth-sensitive analysis serves to identify agricultural and agribusiness opportunities, including innovative markets that … Continued

The Mediterranean: a Frontier of Peace

Funded by the Italian Episcopal Conference – CEI, the project consists of a 2-year program for 11 young local leaders coming from communities characterized by situations of conflict, tension, and lack of socio-economic development in Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. The project has four components: learning, training, cohabitation, and generation of impact … Continued

Social Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean

The project aims to promote the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine). The initiative will see the implementation of a set of complementary activities aiming at: (1) promoting country and cross-country policy and … Continued

Work4Progress, Innovation for promoting jobs

The Work4Progress (W4P) program aims to encourage innovation and quality employment for vulnerable women and young people, moving beyond traditional approaches, limited to isolated projects, into platforms formed by civil society organizations, universities, private sector, and public stakeholders. It is implemented in India, Mozambique, and Peru. The main innovations include community listening tools; co-creation, prototyping … Continued

Mental health for peace building

The initiative responds to Covid-19’s huge health, social, and economic impact on young leaders, particularly those living in countries in conflict, where young people are exposed to high levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. With the belief that a strong correlation exists between mental health and the construction of stable and lasting peace, young activists … Continued

Inclusion and child protection through Football

The project is a collaboration between the state of Qatar through Generation Amazing (GA), Supreme Committee, and the football governing body of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) and its 41 Member Associations (MAs). This recently launched project aims to promote inclusion, gender equality, and child protection through football. The project targets young … Continued