Empowering Women in Agriculture Amid Conflict

Project presentation The Women in Conflict Zones Initiative (WICZ) is solely dedicated to respond to women and girls’ specific needs and vulnerabilities in conflict environments and engages them in peacebuilding and conflict-resolution efforts. In pursuing its objectives, WICZ identifies, funds, and provides technical assistance for projects in six core areas including crisis response, education, healthcare, … Continued


Project presentation The objective of Work4Progress (W4P) is to encourage innovation and quality employment for vulnerable women and young people from India, Mozambique, Peru and Colombia. W4P moves from isolated projects to platforms of collaboration formed by civil society organizations, academia, financing institutions, private companies and public sector. The programme focuses on systemic change through … Continued

Agriculture Collectives of Marginalized Women

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation In India’s Bihar and West Bengal states, and the Tarai of Nepal, land inequality is acute, and a majority of rural women are either landless working as a tenant, or work on very marginal plots of family land. These are the farmers most challenged by climate change and a … Continued

Prevent Post-Harvest Loss & Empower Farmers

Project presentation Every year, farmers in Nepal experience significant post-harvest loss, which can exceed as high as 50% under adverse conditions. The majority of these farmers are rural & smallholder, and unable to capitalize on their production due to lack of market access, high transportation cost, and lack of processing facilities. Khetipati Organics works directly … Continued

Value Chain Upgrade

Project presentation Value Chain Upgrade (VCU-SIL) is part of an approach aimed at stimulating and supporting agricultural value chains in various branches, with particular emphasis on caper cultivation, Beldi chicken farming and beekeeping. VCU-SIL is also in the process of replicating the same strategy in several regions of Morocco and Senegal through the development of … Continued

Fishing for Empowerment in Sierra Leone

Project presentation Media Matters for Women (MMW) has built and developed several fish ponds over two years in Kamalenka, a remote and highly impoverished village in northwest Sierra Leone. This beneficiary-led project has created livelihood opportunities for local women, improved understanding of basic rights, and provided access to a new protein source. The lack of … Continued

Indigenous Knowledge for Social Resilience

Project presentation The lives of indigenous communities are threatened by land-grabbing which prevents them from pursuing their traditions including agricultural activities. The consequences are the disappearance of local knowledge and a dwindling food supply. Indigenous women are particularly affected, notably by the inability to maintain food security and pass on traditional knowledge of ecosystems and … Continued