Amplify. Invest. Reach. (A-I-R)

A-I-R is a pathbreaking South-South feminist collaboration among 4 women’s funds (Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific -UAF A&P, Women’s Fund Asia -WFA, Women’s Fund Fiji -WFF and the Pacific Feminist Fund) in the Asia and the Pacific region which is being resourced by Australian DFAT. The criticality of the partnership needs to be seen … Continued

Empowering Women of Ukraine for Peacebuilding

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine caused global consequences. Women, Peace, Security agenda, outlined in UN Security Council’s resolutions and including such main pillars as Participation, Protection, Prevention, and Relief and Recovery, became even more topical. However, despite progress with involvement of women to politics and decision-making in Ukraine, women remain excluded from recovery decision-making. The action … Continued

Project Empower

This project aims at empowering and strengthening the capacity of marginalized women to develop skills to earn a sustainable income through technology and to build their capacity to become changemakers in their communities. The project focuses on making the digital economy work for women’s economic empowerment. The main objective of the project is to empower … Continued

Life Changing Work for Women Refugees

The topic of refugees exploded when the photo of 2-year-old Aylan Kurdy’s dead body on the Turkish shores went viral. Six years later, the number of individuals forced to flee continues to rise, worsening the worldwide issue of displacement. Refugees often spend months or years waiting for papers or the ability to cross borders and … Continued

Interim Reparations for Yazidi Survivors

Five years since the liberation of Sinjar, Iraq, the return of Yazidis to the area remains slow due to the immense destruction, slow rehabilitation of infrastructure, lack of essential services, and continued security risks. Female survivors of Daesh captivity endure the repercussions of past trauma, while facing an unfamiliar landscape upon their return to Sinjar. … Continued

Empowering Women through Careers in Tech

At Laboratoria, we empower women who dream of a better future to start and grow transformative careers in technology by providing a 6 month bootcamp in technical and life skills. We have trained 2,500 women as web developers and UX designers who have gone on to fill the talent and gender gap in tech, and … Continued

Gender Mainstreaming in Indian Foreign Policy

The concept of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) is gaining global traction. Diverse voices from the global south that offer unique experiences and lived realities can add to the growing understanding on how a FFP could change the trajectory of governance to make it more impactful, inclusive and lasting. Through extensive research, consultations and deep discussions … Continued

Sudan: National Vision for Women’s Rights

Women have been central to Sudan’s vast social movements since 2018, yet Sudan’s women leaders continue to be underrepresented in the ongoing national peace and political processes. This has led to women’s rights and priorities not being considered in these processes, and the failure to address the development agenda as it impacts women. This is … Continued

Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  The Feminist Foreign Policy Collaborative (the Collaborative) is a global convening space that is helping to advance countries’ adoption of feminist foreign and development policies in order to accelerate progress toward gender equality, planetary integrity and peace. The Collaborative manages and supports the work of two coalitions: the Global Partner … Continued