EU-IGAD COVID-19 Response programme

The regional programme is mitigating the health and socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 in critical cross-border areas across Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda through a coordinated, multi-sectoral response. Active across 55 sites in 7 countries, the EU-funded project is delivering medical supplies and equipment while working to enhance regional capacity to coordinate … Continued

Water resilient cities

Due to climate change, extreme weather events are becoming frequent, threatening the proper functioning of cities and showing how crucial water management is to city planning. Fragmented governance of river watersheds is misaligned with the necessity to make cohesive decisions about ecological systems that extend beyond administrative borders. Our project consists of urban design solutions … Continued

Wash financing facility

Today, more than 2.1 billion people do not have access to safe water and 3 billion do not have hand-washing facilities with water and soap at home. In fragile contexts, humanitarian aid is often addressing these gaps in water delivery with temporary solutions – but at notable long term financial and environmental costs. UNICEF and … Continued

Ai4water: smart irrigation

The project represents the innovative use of AI combined with satellite imaging in one of the most fundamental sectors of Egypt: Agriculture. Build a unified National Agriculture Data platform that uses AI to analyze gathered crop data to better forecast, plan the water usage in the country and improve economic returns, and provides an engagement … Continued

Green city-wide sanitation

The project addresses both the policy and planning elements needed to attract climate and private investment as well as developing viable service models that ensure an affordable service for all. In Nepal and Senegal the policy and planning elements have included: 1) The incorporation of sanitation into the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). The focus has … Continued

Water and social cohesion

The project aims to establish trust and cross border cooperation for overall security in communities facing insecurity as a result of proximity to international border. The implementation of the water project has proven to reduce vulnerabilities to local conflicts, cross border criminal activities and destabilization risks of border zones. It addresses potential complicity of border … Continued

United for water quality

We are a network of civil society organizations and key actors contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 “Clean water and sanitation”. Its purpose is to increase participation, interaction and communication among the different actors involved in wáter management and quality, improving the organizational and advocacy capacities of CSOs working on environmental … Continued

Water, Peace and Security (WPS)

In recent years, the relationship between water and conflict have received heightened attention in global discourse. The Water, Peace, and Security partnership develops new tools and services to enable relevant public, private, and civil society actors to address the threats and benefits of water-related cooperation and peacebuilding in a timely and effective manner.

IMAGINE – Integrated Maji Infrastructure and Governance Initiative for Eastern Congo

The IMAGINE program partners with Congolese government, the private sector and civil society to improve access to clean water for vulnerable populations in two cities, Goma and Bukavu. Funded by DfID, IMAGINE is improving water infrastructure by rehabilitating and expanding water networks, strengthening water service provision with a commercially viable business model for distribution and … Continued

Innovative model for urban inclusion through access to essential services

In each slum of intervention, Eau et Vie creates a local social business working as a multi-service proximity operator (connection of the households to the water network, rehabilitation/construction of latrines, solid waste management) and implements activities making the dwellers actors of their own life improvement: hygiene-awareness sessions, fire-fighting trainings, community-building actions. Eau et Vie works … Continued